TIBO has more than 50 years of being an expert within the injection and compression molds sector for plastic, especially for the automotive industry.


Founded in 1963 by Irenee Thibault, in Canada, the company was pioneer in the industry of plastic injection molds in Quebec.  Since its beginnings it has developed in an exceptional manner and it already has a workforce of more than 100 highly trained employees and to industrial vanguard.


The plant settled in Puebla has a great industrial and technical domain of design, manufacturing mold maintenance.  Its innovative solutions and competitive prices allow increasing companies’ productivity, whatever the sector is.


Marc Thibault, president of Grupo TIBO, said that the Plant in Puebla is a synonym of progress for the company regarding the Mexican market development which started in 2008 and thanked their first customers such as Unicar, mecaplast, Volkswagen and US Farathane.


Since the beginning, its molds are projected to offer a high performance due to their innovative designs.  Its refrigeration systems allow guaranteeing optimum cycle timing and pieces are designed and built to be perfectly assembled among them.


Types of molds:


·         Stackable mold

·         Double injection rotative mold

·         Hot runner mold

·         Mold with inserts

·         Conventional mold

·         Prototype mold

·         Compression mold


Constantly investing in technology for their equipment and preserve their status of company leader within molds production.


Plastic injection molds can reach 50 tons that can be used in injection presses of up to 3,500 tons.


TIBO products can be used in containers Industry, home appliances, but the automotive is their main market, where they develop customized solutions for a range of automobile pieces, aesthetic as well as structural and of any size.


Regarding the environment, they have the certifications ISO 9001-2008, they have adopted the lean culture, which allows them maximize their performance and productivity, as it is applied in all their processes and activity sectors.


More information:



Activity: Manufacture

Parent company: Quebec, Canada       

Capital: Canadian

No. Employees: 30

Facilitates: 1049.8 square meters