Fabio Lorencon is an electric engineer graduated from the Universidad Tecnologica de Parana in Curitiba, Brazil.  He has a postgrad in economic business from the Faculty of Administration and Economics in Curitiba.

Although he never imagined to be dedicated to the automotive Industry, his first approach to this sector was 17 years ago when we began as practitioner in products development in Volvo Brazil, thanks to a friend that told him about the position.

There he began developing as a product development engineer working in electric components and project management, afterward, he went to the commercial and sales engineering area, where he was promoted as chief of area.

With a perfect professional development, moved to Colombia, where for three years and a half he was after-sales manager, later he went back to the commercial area, being responsible for the sales and marketing area for a year and a half.  For that time he managed to allocate bidding that was the biggest business in Latin America, selling more than 1,400 buses.

After finishing that Project, he arrived in Mexico as director of Strategic and Product Planning, Marketing of Volvo Buses Mexico.

Lorencon said that the thing encouraging him to work every day is the Forefront technology Volvo has to manufacture buses to make transportation safer and more environmentally friendly.  “We still have too much to do, but we work every day to reach the goal of more efficient transportation, I am proud of working in a company where his priority is quality, safety and ecology.”

The challenges he has faced are in the cultural barrier, as each country customers have different priorities.  “In Mexico, they are interested in busses power and quality.”

Finally, Fabio described success as “enjoying what you like to do,” as success is related to enjoying your work and putting all your effort in creating new useful things for society and not letting it be a burden in your life.

Origin country: Brazil
Studies: Electric engineering
Initial position: practitioner
Current position: Director of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Product Planning of Volvo Buses Mexico