Efrain Hernandez is an industrial and systems engineer, graduated from the Tecnologico de Monterrey and with a PhD in advanced materials by MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His firs approach with the Industry was 30 years ago when he worked on an organization from the metal-mechanic sector mainly dedicated to sale of power mechanic transmission products used by all industrial plants.

Hernandez began his career there, passing through Sandvik de Mexico, Michellin Mexico Services, Grupo Bimbo, Yamaha Motos Mexico, Nachi Robotics, among others.

But his biggest passion is the automotive Industry where he is currently technical director of the Estado de Mexico Automotive Cluster, group in which his work is intended to engineering issues, international commerce and investment, quality, continuous improvement, innovation, products development and market.  Likewise, he participates in automotive suppliers’ development program nationally to support Mexican companies from this sector.

What he is passionate about working in the automotive industry is the high knowledge of innovation and technology acquired, as they work with French capital, German, British, Japanese, Korean, etc.  As well as the versatility they have in economic participation regarding country’s GDP and social wellbeing.

The biggest challenge on his career is to have a good communication and understanding with foreign industrials, as cultural barrier is sometimes difficult in business meetings.

Doctor Hernandez defines success in finding opportunities or create them and be innovative in daily activities.  “Identify opportunities and pass them to your organization, close circle and family.  Success is innovation and improvement.”

Studies: Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Tecnologico de Monterrey
Country of origin: Mexico
Current position: Technical Director of ClautEdoMex