Mexico demonstrated being leader in Industry 4.0 in Hannover Messe

About 220,000 guests and 6,500 exhibitors gather in the most important industrial exhibition worldwide, Hannover Messe.  On its 2018 was shown how digital production, the internet of things, integrated systems and smart solutions are changing the way companies produce.


Siemens Mexico was the most important actor in such Fair due to it becoming ProMexico’s strategic partner by supporting Mexican talent making it possible for them to visit the Fair to promote their companies, make business and be updated in automation and industry 4.0 issues.


Siemens showed their potential when making business which go from information technology, Industry 4.0, energy 4.0, digitalization and automation, to industrial items, environment, startups, logistics and research and development centers, to mention a few.  An example is the demonstration robotic model to exhibit the advantages of the Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) communication, which allows more reliable and strong Ethernet communications between plants and machines, even in high network load.


In addition, they presented their new engine, NEMA FS 500, designed and completely produced by Mexican engineers in Guadalajara with 3D printing, which is one of the fundamental elements to reduce manufacturing times from 7 to 8 months.  This new engine could be used for pumps, compressors, transporters and fans in industries such as petroleum and gas, wastewaters and food and beverages.


Also, they exhibited the MindSphere solution, which is an open IoT operative system based on the cloud that connects its products, plants, systems and machines.


And the new technology that captivated all industrials was the so called Digital Twin, with which production conditions of a new product can be recreated to correct it and the production process, and with that the new companies can make changes and improve a process before starting it in a material manner


Norma Almanza, commercial director of Digital Factory Process Industries and Drives for Mexico and Central America, said that during the Fair the technology and quality and products advances being manufactured in Mexico were evident and that they have become competitive worldwide.


“Mexico is seen in Germany as an option to buy and invest, thanks to that Mexican industry levels of competitiveness are increasing,” she ended.




During the Fair, Roger Gonzalez, general director of Cemex Energy and Alejandro Preinfalk, vice-president of energy management of Siemens Mexico and Central America signed an agreement in electric matters that will allow both companies incentivizing the establishment of an efficient electric operation inside the private entities in the Mexican industrial sector.


Alejandro Preinfalk said: “Siemens will be working together with Cemex in benefit of the Mexican industry aiming to keep the efficiency and quality of the energy.  Siemens will be offering products and high-class services such as the improvement in power factor and suppressing of harmonics through conventional technologies (capacitor bank and harmonics filters) and advanced (power electronics.)  As well as technology and experience in potentiation of transformers, tension changes and high efficiency engines for the industry.”




Ivan Pelayo, vice-president of Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives of Siemens Mexico and Central America highlighted that Siemens with 124 years of presence in Mexico, have permeated with their technology in 60 % of the automotive and brewing industries of Mexico, allowing companies from this sector could increase up to 20 % of their productivity.


The digitalization in the automotive Industry generates savings between 15 and 20 percent in production costs what makes the sectors more competitive.


An example is the partner global of Siemens, BMW Group which has installed automation and digitalization systems on their plants consolidating as a leading assembler globally; this technology will be also in the San Luis Potosi plant which will start operations in 2019 and that will be completely digitalized nationwide.


Ivan Pelayo, said that Industry 4.0 has great potential in the country’s manufacturing, currently 60 % of our technology is in the Mexican automotive plants.


Additionally, Siemens is the only company offering energy management services to make the industry’s energy consumption efficient.  With BMW were integrated solutions in energy management for the plant, with 50 MVA transformers manufactured by Siemens in Mexico to bring energy to all industrial buildings.




Orlando Valle and Yosuep Luna are Mexican students that have had a success case in the dual education program lectured by the company, aiming to integrate technical quality charts for the national industry.  The two students are part of the first generation of graduates and won the trip to Hannover because of their high performance.


Siemens has solutions for the digital design of products, software for factories management, automation technologies and activation, as well as services customized for customers’ needs.  Innovations in software and industrial hardware allow any type of increase in productivity, flexibility and efficiency, in addition of reducing time of commercialization, helping industrial companies in being efficient and sustainable.


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