The automotive industry is constituted as one of the main generators of income for many families in Estado de Mexico, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO, by its Spanish initials) Alberto Curi Naime.


He said that the territory of the Estado de Mexico businessmen continue to invest, because there is confidence and certainty for their projects’ success.


With the representation of the governor of Estado de Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, the secretary Curi Naime opened the Agency Chevy Calimaya, where he noted that the entity’s Government will continue being aware to encourage investors and support them in future projects.


He assured that the automotive industry is one of the main sources of resources and incomes for many people living in the territory of Estado de Mexico, in consequence, the impulse provided to the sector will have social benefit.


That is why, shared work between the public and private sector will be fundamental, to keep the entity as the strongest and of higher national progress.


Together with Ernesto Hernandez Quiroz, president and general director of General Motors de Mexico, Curi Naime said that the Cheavy Calimaya Car Dealership is the first branch with completely digital vehicle sale.


Meanwhile, Hernandez Quiroz said that investors believe in this country and from there their decision to continue going forward, being proactive, innovating and committed with development.


He emphasized that they have 2,300 cars distributors throughout the country and the four associations of the branch have a clear and defined agenda, to continue be stronger in the market.


Hernandez Quiroz noted that there are challenges that have to be faced in order for the industry to continue growing in Mexico and remembered that the country is the fourth exporter of cars and seventh international producer, in addition that the sector is the main currency generator in the country.