With the objective of establishing collaboration mechanisms to fulfill joint activities in matter of economic development, was held the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Competitiveness, Labor and Economic Development (SECOTRADE, by its Spanish initials) and the School of Economics from the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP,) as well as the opening of the Puebla Center for the Development and Promotion of Foreign Trade Companies.


The head of the SECOTRADE, Michel Chain mentioned that with these commitments and the entrance of the Puebla Center for the Development and Promotion of Foreign Trade Companies, the collaboration between the BUAP and the government translates into tangible benefits for the companies.


The estate secretary highlighted that the participating companies have received advisory in foreign trade and international business strategies, aimed to consolidate the exporting processes, after fulfilled a diagnosis to identify the phase in which they are and thus venture successfully in foreign trade.


On the other hand, Salvador Esteban Perez Mendoza, director of the School of Economics at the BUAP, highlighted the collaboration with the administration of Tony Gali, since for such institution it represents a fundamental step going from theoretical training to become a link with companies, especially those that want to reach the external market.


It is important that with actions like this this agreement signing and the startup of the business development center, the governor of Puebla it facilitates the mechanisms that with the collaboration of the academy and the private initiative, contribute to the growth and development of the entity, positioning products from Puebla at windows worldwide.


At the beginning of the linkage activities between SECOTRADE and the School of Economy were present the vice chancellor of teaching, Maria del Carmen Martinez Reyes, in representation of the BUAP dean, Alfonso Esparza Ortiz; Jose Rafael Herrera Velez, president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Puebla, as well as Javier Tirado, general director of Anvisa, spheres producing company.