The Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda and Governor Tony Gali signed an agreement for the establishment of the Military Industry in the property known as La Celula, in the municipality of Oriental.


Through the donation of this land to the SEDENA and an initial investment of one billion pesos will start the construction of the new facilities.


Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda stressed that one of the commitments is to seek a prosperous Mexico, with the increase of national productivity as a means to increase the economy and generate welfare.


In this sense, he indicated that this signa is translated into joint actions that will contribute to the creation of temporary and permanent jobs, as well as a significant economic spill, due to the purchase of raw materials for construction, procurement of goods and public services military personnel and their families.


For his part, the representative Tony Gali said that the government of the State will take the necessary steps to make available an area of 600 hectares to the SEDENA, to specify the transfer and construction of its facilities.


He indicated that this area has first-class communication routes, which will guarantee a suitable connectivity.


“We are confident that, with the collaboration of the three orders of government, we will be contributing not only to consolidating the development of the military industry, but Puebla’s development also and the human capital added to this effort. In addition, we will witness technological innovation to have decisive means of defense,” he stressed.


He said that in this area will be possible to establish factories, warehouses and military housing units and reported that 5,000 temporary jobs will be generated in the region.


The head of the Ministry of Competitiveness, Labor and Economic Development (SECOTRADE, by its Spanish initials) Michel Chain said that this property is located in an area of influence, where the shipbuilding plant Audi, the FINSA II Industrial Park are located and the Model City which will lead in a new industrial corridor, that will allow to leverage a greater social development and to reduce the gaps of inequality.