At a CANACINTRA Estado de Mexico members’ meeting, was held the conference “of Mexican Economy Landscape and Expectations for 2018” by the journalist, councilor and specialists in economic issues, Erick Guerrero Rosas, where it was reported that Mexico already appears as a power in the Energy Industry.


“Mexico is Latin American leader in investment attraction from energy producer companies.  In November the country positioned as leader, surpassing Chile and Brazil.”


Likewise, Erick Guerrero anticipated that according to research and amounts, the dollar will not exceed 25 pesos at the NAFTA renegotiation, as the most extreme resistance level will be of 23 pesos per dollar.  He added that the USA will not leave the agreement, as due to strategic interests needs Mexico due to the great amount it poses regarding oil and natural gas.


“One the NAFTA is renegotiated there will be an historical amount of investments in petroleum, combustibles, natural gas, electricity, basic petrochemical and alternative energies.”


On the other hand, Ariel Rodriguez, president of CANACINTRA Estado de Mexico, said that they have as a mission to promote the business opportunities among the affiliated companies with productive meetings, encounters and industrial forums.  “In this 75th anniversary, CANACINTRA is the most important industrial organization in Mexico and Latin America.  In CANACINTRA we are working in order for the productive activity be permanent through a State policy that allows the creation of jobs and the strengthening of the industry and companies.”