The company that manufactures barcode label printers, RFID tag coders and card printers has introduced its new portfolio of solutions. With the goal of maximizing operational efficiency for your customers, you can achieve a connected supply chain and a timely and perfect delivery.

The first are from the Captura de Datos portfolio, which have to do with bar readers and the main use they are given is in sales; but also for tourism have become very useful.

The first of these is the DS2200:

It is user friendly, economical, has a 53 % faster reading, and has two versions of this series, one of them is connected through a cable and the other is done wirelessly through Bluetooth; in addition only this product uses a battery that reaches for 100 thousand readings.

The next and most advanced is the DS8100 series:

It is a superior product that offers more features, such as faster reading, easier reading of the Digi Mark and greater tolerance to hard-to-read (damaged or badly-hit) codes,

It is in a higher portfolio position, has a faster reader, readability of the Digimark and Multi Code, charges the battery wirelessly, it has a smarter battery.

The MP7000 Scanner Scale model:

It keeps lines moving, has better reading performance, greater reading volume, supports DigiMark technology, supports scratches, is easy to maintain, the side scanner has the option of reading discount codes or memberships.

The second portfolio was that of Mobile Computing, where they presented two tactile computers, designed for business use:


It is a device that only has Wi-Fi radio, for use in stores and in closed rooms.


It has Wi-Fi, cellular radio and works like a cell phone, keeping a connection, even if it is not inside the warehouse.


Both equipment stand fall, are sealed against dust and water, the screen is Gorilla Glass, water resistant and battery is easy to remove, not connected to a charger.

And finally, as far as the printing portfolio, the high-performance printers presented the ZT600 and ZT510.

Both are designed to be of very high productivity, have thermal management to the interior to withstand a dust environment; the components of the mechanism are metallic and user friendly.