The Agrosfera Park was projected to develop a new way of doing agribusiness with a balance among economic benefit, comprehensive social development, agro-food technological innovation and environment, all this through the strengthening of a sustainable logistic network.


Gerardo Ramirez Barba, regional director of Soluciones Corporativas Industriales de JLL Mexico, said that: “This park came to fill a space to create an Agroindustrial park, Agrosfera is a park ahead of what is taking place in Mexico with new technologies and environmental care.” Likewise, he noted that Mexico has grown in an accelerated manner in food exporting in the last 17 years.  Only in 2016, profits were of 25,000 million dollars in agro-food products.


“The Agroindustrial sector has grown a lot with a surplus of agricultural commerce.  It went from 700 million dollars to 2,700 million dollars.  With that, this project has been the idea of a group of local investors, as well as from the federal and state government.”


On the other hand, Alejandro Medina, executive at JLL in charge of the project, said that this industrial park will be 100 % dedicated to the food industry, no automotive or manufacture companies will be entering, due to the care and cleanliness these products must have.


The agroindustrial park will be of 10 lots and 4 lots for commercial area, such as hotels and research centers, and 1 lot for greenhouses.


Offered infrastructure:


Electricity available through undergrown transmission lines

Wastewaters treatment plant

Natural gas available per lot

Optic fiber network

Access and security 24x7

Possibility of access to train service

Hydraulic concrete streets


Total 300 hectares

Phase 1: 42.9 hectares


It is located in highway 45 in its section Aguascalientes – Zacatecas.  Between the municipality of Rincon de Romos and Cosio, both in the State of Aguascalientes, considered one of the most prosperous and safe States in the Bajio as well as in the country.