Defilades Inoxidables de Mexico, which belongs to Grupo Novametal, is a Mexican company established in the country under the rules and laws settled by the Mexican Government.  The company was founded in 1999 and the plant’s construction ended in 2001.

The plant has highly efficient machinery that produce bars, wires, welding in stainless steel and nickel alloys.  Products are addressed to industries that require a resistance of rigid steel together to a corrosion resistance such as the automotive and aeronautic industry.  Wire shape products are occupied to make welding, metal shapes, springs, bars for coated electrodes, fabric for hose or fabric.

At the beginning of operations their main objective was to attack the Mexican market, which on that time, it was a very small market; however, it has grown due to the fact that the customer has a top-quality material, fast deliveries and affordable prices.

They export 50 % of their production to the United States, Europe, Central America, South America and Africa.  The quality of the products has been highly appreciated by customers around the world.

Leon Sametz, general director, said that being an Immex industry with AAA certifications indicates the confidence the Government has in the company.  “We have all the certifications to supply industries which are IATF 16949, ISO 14000 e ISO 9001, we are ending the OEA certification before C-TPAT that consists in internal safety control of the plant, as well as the transportation for it to be traceable and about any kind of problems.”

Likewise, he said that wires are manufactured in all alloys of stainless steel and nickel from 0.18 mm to 13 mm; bars from 3 mm to 20 mm; and supply the most important automotive plants fulfilling all the strict requirements they impose.  “In the aeronautical industry we have a very important road in which we are increasingly adding special alloys used by this sector,” said Sametz.

Plant supplies are the stainless-steel wire rods mainly imported from the Italian company COGNE, but they also supply from other suppliers worldwide.  “The world capability installed in the rod manufacturing is supersaturated, therefore it is convenient to install this manufacturing in Mexico,” Sametz noted.

TIM plant has developed its own technology in the elaboration of drawn and windings, same that has transmitted to Grupo Novametal in Italy.

Leon Sametz said that TIM is the only factory that exists in the Mexican Republic dedicated to this production, “the Mexican market is increasingly demanding with the product quality, the advantage of having a plant in the country where there is interlocution between the user and the manufacturer is important because our plant makes customized suits for each need the company has.”

“We are very enthusiastic to see and we are aware that the consumption of our plant can be growing between 10 and 15 % per year, mainly with the department of special projects which is seeking for new products such as the example of aluminum wire.”

Finally, Sametz noted the plant has a commitment with the Government of Tlaxcala of using local workforce and raw materials from Tlaxcala (if there are.)