As every year, the company supplier of a centered software platform which helps accelerating the development and performance of automated testing systems and automated measures National Instruments (NI,) fulfilled their already famous NIWeek where the most brilliant minds of industrial engineering gather to discover the new launches of the company and improve the working form achieving big things inside the industry.


In this edition, the new instruments presented were focused for the automotive sector, aerospace, manufacture and consumptions electronics.  In addition, there was an exhibition floor in which more than 100 companies exhibited a wide variety of products and solutions, from movement control systems to testing and measurement applications.


The automotive company Mazda mentioned their success story by developing an internal automated testing using NI technology, reducing costs and engineering time in 90 %.  Likewise, Honeywell also noted that by using NI technology they reduced testing costs of 40 percent.


“Autonomous and even flying vehicles could be a reality soon with the help of National Instruments,” thus said Santiago Morales, main engineer at Joby Aviation, that together with their equipment are developing an efficient aerial transportation, safe and reliable for daily use.


Meanwhile, Marisol Menendez, regional manager of Marketing for Mexico and Central America in NI, informed that new launchings this year were software, that are aligned to their vision about a device without software is not more than a paperweight.  “Since 2017 we have been focused in solutions for the innovation areas such as automotive, transportation, aeronautical, semiconductors and research and development.  In order to satisfy the needs of these areas we have been working in different tools.”


All industries can occupy new launchings, all those industries that need to perform tests and measurements of equipment.  “We work with all automotive assemblers.  For example with Audi we help them validating their new radars to promote autonomous driving in some models, and with other automotive companies,” Said Menendez.


LabVIEW 2018


LabVIEW is at the lead of the software Industry of platform for testing work flow.  Engineers can exceed their innovation speed with LabVIEW 2018, taking advantage of the new tools that simplify the integration of systems that allow having more control through hardware accessibility.


Applications that have an impact in our daily lives are increasing in complexity due to the quick innovation caused by the trends of the industry such as 5G, the Industrial Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles.  Consequently, the challenge of testing these devices to guarantee the reliability, quality and safety introduces new demands and test configurations, with reduced time and budget.  Engineers need better tools to organize, develop and integrate systems and reach their goals within acceptable limits.




InstrumentStudio improves the model of interactive use for modular instruments and makes depuration when executing tests more intuitive.  Engineers in aerospace, automotive and semiconductors industries are benefited with more effective work flow for the development of testing systems.


InstrumentStudio evolves the concept of frontal panels of a single instrument in a unified environment of multiple instruments, as well as engineers can capture screens and results from measures in a view from their instruments game.  InstrumentStudio also can save settings at the level of project for specific devices under tests that can be reused later or be shared with colleagues.  This efficiency is fundamental to test more complex devices and provides testing repeatability for the comfort of the engineer or technician.




Engineers can use FlexLogger to help simplifying test settings and extract fundamental information with work flow specific of sensors to acquire and register mixed and synchronized measures – without programming.  They can quickly integrate analog sensors, digital pulse frequencies, CAN signs and calculated channels which are all registered in the universal format Technical Data management Streaming (TDMS) in order for the data be correlated and analyzed to accurately characterize a complete system.  These skills also solve similar challenges faced by the testing departments in other industries including heavy machinery, aerospace, home appliances and academic research.


“To characterize a transmission harvester requires a mixture of different measures including pressure, temperature, current, CAN and axis speed,” said Andy Tarman, laboratory testing engineer at CNH Industrial.  “FlexLogger facilitates solving problems and verify that the original data from different sensors are correct before starting my testing.  This helps shorten the development of tests, by saving time that is usually wasted in remaking settings.”




ELVIS III offers a platform designed to fulfill the specific needs of engineering teaching in universities.  The solution combines instrumentation, embedded FPGA design and web based access to measures and study plans to create an active and collaborative learning in laboratory, study and inverted classrooms.  With application cards designed by leading professors and industrial partners, NI ELVIS III expands the NI ELVIS platform to include a larger number of subjects in electric and mechanical engineering.  Students are benefited with the use and advanced skills to work in challenging tasks and obtain the skills required to design, develop and test their projects.


“In order to become exceptional engineers, students must be equipped with practical tools and suitable learning resources,” said Kyle Flessner, vice-president of Technology and Manufacture Group in Texas Instruments.  “Our collaboration with NI for an advanced learning based in projects using NI ELVIS III is the next step to encourage professors and students, and transform the learning in engineering.”


Likewise, at NIWeek, NI made a demonstration of its new industrial monitoring system based on InsightCM enabled for wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0.


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