Grupo Neolpharma is a group of Mexican companies, with an integration process of more than 15 years.  They are dedicated to the production, development, research, commercialization and distribution of high quality pharmaceutical products.


Neolpharma was founded by psychiatric doctors with the initiative of having products that serve mental diseases.  Likewise, due to the lack of Mexican factories in this sector, as all were of foreign capital.


Thanks to that they realized that in Mexico such drugs can be produced at more accessible prices, the company started and it currently has an annual production of 23,299,429 drugs, approximately.


To date, Efren Ocampo, president and executive director, informed that they have 5 production plants in Mexico, and one is being built and it is expected to be ended by the first trimester of 2019.  Together with this, they also have a plant in Puerto Rico.


The production plants settled in Mexico City highlight by its products exports to the United States, Central and South America.


Most of its inputs come from Europe, the United States, Argentina, China, India and Mexico.


Raw Materials:


Grupo Chemo (Switzerland)

Sunpharma (India,)

Dr. Reddys (India)

Sinbiotik ( Mexico)

NeolSyM (Mexico)

Helm de Mexico  (Germany)

DVA (Spain)

ColorCon (the United States)

Moleculas Finas (Mexico)

Globe Chemicals


Packaging Materials:

Nova Print (Mexico)

Plami (Mexico)

Industrias Plasticas Internacionales (Mexico)

OISA (Mexico)

CEPSA (Mexico)

EXTRAL (Mexico)


Envases Finos Santa Anita (Mexico)

La Etiqueta Fina (Mexico)

Tzinapu (Mexico)

FlinT Hills (USA)

Prisma Envases (Mexico)


They currently have 2,300 collaborators; they are expecting a growth of 500 direct jobs and more than 1500 indirect jobs with the adding of its new plant.


In terms of sustainability they have an infrastructure that allows them to reduce the environmental impact, they have wastewaters treatment plants and an electric cogeneration engine that works with natural gas, additionally they have contracts with companies dedicated to the recycling for treating Urban Solid Wastes such as cardboard, paper and plastic.


“We have certifications in quality management systems, environment, safety and health at work, that help us to keep controlled processes in quality standards, reducing the environmental impacts and the safety risks for the personnel,” Efren Ocampo ended.