During the first two months of 2018, Brazil has been the Latin American country to which more vehicles have been exported, with 9,484 units, followed by Colombia with 8,886 and next Chile to which were exported 5,052 units in total.  This shows great market potential for the automotive industry; since 2015 Mexico has achieved increasing car sales with these 3 countries.

In the first two months of the year a total of 507,068 vehicles have been exported, this means a growth of 8.5 %, in comparison with the same period last year, in which the export numbers were 467,349.

The main destination area of exports includes the NAFTA countries.

Export data by region during January and February 2018 show the greatest growth for the United States with 374,707 vehicles and a participation of 73.9 % likewise Europe with 39,639 units what represents 7,8 %.

In February were commercialized to North America 196,040 units, equivalent to 71.0 %.

Results from the final export in February were a total of 275,980, with a variation of 11.2 % and a difference of 27,692 units regarding the same month in 2017.

The companies that exported the most during the January – February accumulate were: General Motors, Fiat Chrysler de Mexico and Nissan; it is important to mention that in February the international trade was also led by these brands, finding them within the same range.

Production continues increasing, as in the January to February accumulate were manufactured 632,107 units in the country, with a difference of 36,572 in comparison with 2017, what results in a variation of 6.1 %.  General Motors was the company with greatest production in that period, with 129,033 units, then the Japanese company Nissan with 127,328 and in third place Fiat Chrysler that manufactured 111,796 vehicles.

The Ministry of Economy announced the preliminary Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) amount for 2017 which had a registry of 29,695 million dollars, 11.1 % above the preliminary figure of the same period in 2916.

Public sales showed a decrease in the January February accumulate with an amount of 218,629 units, an important difference to the one obtained in 2017 which was of 241,236, what gives a final result of a variation of -9.4 %.

Again Nissan led public sales in the first two months of 2018 with 51,639 units sold; in second place was Volkswagen with a figure of 31,741 and in third place General Motors with 24,177 units.