METCO was founded in 1991, it is a 100 % Mexican family company which stands-out due to its gender equality within their offices as well as in their industrial plant and specializes in developing low calories products aimed to reduce caloric intake among customers.

Regarding the retail part is where most of its consumers are; however, the industry is wide, as depending on the development required by a customer of the degree of sweetness a specific product has to have, the company does the corresponding formulas until achieving the objective.

Jose Manuel Hernandez, manufacturing director, said that sometimes the development of a new product can take from two to six months, in addition of working together directly  with the customer during the application to correctly perform the required adjustments.

METCO machinery is used for the elaboration of its merchandise, it is also completely Mexican and created by them, this was explained by Hernandez.  “When Svetia entered the market, it had a very strong demand and the mechanisms were brought from Europe, but delivery times were sometimes of up to 24 months.  Due to this, the internal engineering area helped us to develop the required machinery to face the demand,” he said.

The company has great acceptance nationally thanks to some of its most recognized brands in the market such as AzucarBC and Svetia or Sweet-O.  In addition, it exports to the United States, South America and Spain.

Svetia is a natural origin sweetener with glycosides extracts from the stevia plant, and it is one of the most successful lines of the company; but this plant was imported.  Today METCO has contracts with Mexican farmers in Chiapas, Sinaloa and Nayarit for breeding the plant.

The process for the elaboration of this product is Analysis and Quality, as extractions are made to verify the quality of the leaf and determine the amount of steviosides, since these have seven active compounds.

Regarding the exportation, they fulfill about 40 to 50 trips per week; in addition of supplying for retailers, they also make invoices, service contracting and send to Distribution Centers.  When the Purchase Order arrives, the company fulfills it and follows it until the product is at the customer’s facilities.

METCO presumes gender equity inside its facilities, as there are a total of 171 people in the plant, from which 91 are men and 80 women; the corporate has 58 people, 22 men and 26 women; even within the governing body in which eight people work, three are men and five women: Lourdes Jimenez, finance director; Lourdes Trevino, commercial director; Leonor Lopez, industrial sales and applications director; Nur Villanueva, strategic planning director; and Edurne Balmori, general director.  All they underline the commitment of the company with the society and its workers, in addition of its innovation in sweeteners matters.