Metal-mechanic industry is considered as an reference indicator of the manufacturing industrial development, it represents an strategic activity for the economic development nationwide, due to the remuneration it generates, capital formation and the value it ads to tis products.

According to data from the National Chamber of Industry Iron and Steel (CANACERO, by its Spanish initials) Mexico is the 14th steel producer worldwide, it employs more than 700,000 people directly and indirectly and only in 2018 the production was of 20.2 million tons of liquid steel.

Currently, the metallurgy national sector is facing important challenges on its productivity and competitiveness.  Such sector is present in two types of companies: Big companies, highly integrated to global value chains, but without an integration with local industry; and Micro and Small Enterprises, which operate in an isolated manner, without a corporate strategy, with a local approach, immersed in cycles of a lack of fixed assets and technological, reduced scale size and the lack of strategic alliances, all these adverse contexts to successfully compete in global markets.

Enrique Guillen, national president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA, by its Spanish initials) presented the “Evaluation to Determine the Competitiveness of the Metallurgy Industry of CANACINTRA,” aimed to establishing strategic routes for the competitiveness growth of the metallurgy sector.

In the assessment, Guillen said that from his perspective, the opportunities for the national metallurgy sector are on design activities, engineering and advanced manufacturing of products, in addition of products manufacturing assembly activities.

In other terms, it is an “industry of industries,” since it supplies machinery and key supplies to most of the economic activities for its production, among them, the automotive industry, auto-parts and mining, among others.  Most of the supplies are manufactured with an important participation of national supplies, being also a key sector for other economic activities.

Likewise, this industry operates in a decisive manner on jobs generation, requiring the use of different operators’ specialties, mechanical, technical, blacksmiths, welders, electricians, turners, engineers, professionals, among others.  Additionally, it promotes the production of other industries, in those of intensive workforce as well as those less intensive, such as steel industry.

Meanwhile, Mariano Conde, general director of MC TEK Solutions, said that the metal-mechanic industry is fundamental for national development, “Practically all countries with an advanced industrial development have consolidated metallurgy sectors.  In Mexico, mainly the automotive and aerospace sector has had a very important growth in the last five years, what has enabled to be ranked as one of the new actors within the international context.”

Likewise, Conde said that in order to continue encouraging the development of this sector it is the access to credit and the granting of plans or schemes with fiscal advantages to continue growing and that more companies or small workshops could invest in new machinery and equipment, which enables them being at height of current manufacture challenges, generating thus the most beneficial conditions for all those investing in the production chain.

Mariano Conde has more than 15 years working in the metal-mechanic industry; he knows the strengths and opportunity areas existing in this sector very well.  “It is an industry with a huge potential that continues experiencing a great growth worldwide and particularly in our country.”

MC TEK Solutions

It is a 100 % Mexican company with wide experience in providing high technology comprehensive solutions in the industry, as a new and innovative alternative of electric protection for the suppression of transients of equipment sensitive to these electrical phenomena, such as automated machinery, CNC machinery, plastic injection machines, industrial printers, among many other equipment and industrial machinery.


Distribuidora de Maquinaria Metalmecanica S.A. de C.V., is a company distributor of machinery, cutting tools and sheet deformation, plate, profiles, piping, aluminum and PVC.  With a service vocation to the industrial sector, with flexible and humanist business criteria, Disma Metalmecanica was solidly established in the Mexican market, already participating in about 60 % of it and with great expectations of higher growth in the industrial sector of the country.  Disma Metalmecanica seeks to provide a comprehensive service to its customers, at the most attractive cost and the latest in innovation that exists in this field.


Likewise, Machinery Technology & Engineering is a Mexican company dedicated to the sale, installation and technical support for CNC machinery; wire sawing, mechanical presses, plastic injection machines, special purpose machines, assembly and robotic lines, among others.  They serve the automotive and metal-mechanic industry mainly.  They have installed more than 1,200 CNC machines in the country.