Precision Moderna is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacturing of high precision mechanized pieces.  Founded by the Swizz Jacques Walter Gobat in 1967, the company has grown at an accelerated pace under the direction of their soon and current general director, Walter Gobat Gaudry.

PM produces 400 thousand mechanized pieces per day, 60 % of the production is addressed to the automotive industry in pieces such as wheels, bushings, inserts, special nuts, nozzles, etc. They also serve the electrical appliances, electrical-electronic, medical industry, among others.

The machines with which the company located in Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico operates, are of high technology, quality and constant repetitiveness.  Most of them are new machines, as due to the growth and expansion of the industrial building, was required to invest in order to continue producing.

“With the new machines we have decreased errors, we have more finished pieces and production was increased,” said the engineer Gobat.

Precision Moderna has 90 camshafts of different capacities, as well as Swiss type lathes of brands like Tornos, Hanwha and Tsugami; they also have 8 CNC lathes of fixed head.  In addition, they have a department of secondary machines comprised of milling machines, drills, tapping machines, revolver type lathe and center-less rectifier.

70 % of the production is exported to Germany, China, Russia, the United States and Canada.

Regarding the personnel working in Precision Moderna, Gobat said that they try to train them well, in what they need to do, what customers demand, explaining them which are the company’s mission and vision.

Finally, Walter Gobat said that the work plan for 2019 is to continue offering high quality products, at competitive prices, the best post sale service and continue gathering more customers.