Cepillos Industriales El Venado was founded in 1950 by Don Octavio Gomez Monroy when in the company in which he worked told him that they have some used brushes, to which he sagaciously suggested not to throw them away since the same cores could be used, they only have to place new bristles or fibers, this way formally began Cepillos El Venado.


Today, directed by his son, Don Isaias Gomez Cerecedo, the family company has become the main supplier of industrial brushes nationwide for the automotive Industry, manufacturing, of glass, pharmaceutical, textile, bottling, of food and all those requiring industrial brushes in their processes.


Its main objective is offering high-quality products and custom made and to the specific needs of each customer, providing free advisory for the continuous improvement of their processes.


It has a wide stock of materials for the manufacturing of brushes required to them.


The brushes they manufacture are so diverse in form as well as in materials, such as wood, polyethylene, aluminum, nylon, polypropylene brass, carbon steel, Tampico fiber, etc.


Brushes are sent through different carrier companies in the entire country and are also exported to Central America.


The great value of Cepillos Industriales El Venado is supported by their personnel in management areas as well as operative ones who with great quality, efficiency and dedication they manufacture their products.


“We are a family company, honest, supporting the Mexican industry, committed every day with our customers,” said Don Isaias, general director.


Likewise, he explained that the central and northern region of the country is where they have more customers.  However, they are present in all Mexico.  “We began manually manufacturing brushes and today we have very productive and high precision machines.  We are about to invest in more machinery in order to make processes efficient and be more environmentally friendly, as we have great ecologist sense in the company.”



Matrix: Mexico City

Measures: 400 m2

Capital: Mexican

Turn: Manufacturing

Number of employees: 8