Founded in 1980 by the engineer Gilberto Perez, PerPlast designs and manufactures high quality injection molds, covering the needs of the industry national and internationally.

This 100 % Mexican company, has been dedicated for more than 30 years to the transformation of thermoplastic resins through an injection process and to the manufacturing of molds for injection, using the highest technology, personnel highly trained and the best materials.

Abelardo Perez, general director of PerPlast, said that they are working for the automotive industry, electronics, packaging, consumption, cosmetics, home appliances, and industry in general, promotional and road marking.  “We have done boards’ molds for the automotive sector, as well as board parts, and soon we will be working on a campaign that supplies Honda and Audi.”

PerPlast has an assembly and production line in which they are able to offer the following processes: mechanical assembly, decoration, liner allocation, encamped, labeled and heat-shrink.

They are working with plastic injection machines with capabilities of 1 to 2,300 grams and with closing strength capabilities from 22 to 500 tons.

The molds manufacturing workshop has the necessary equipment for the machining of plates, components and necessary pieces for molding, such as CNC’s, electro-erosion machines, milling machines, grinding machines and lathes.  Likewise, they have an engineering and mold design department for plastic injection, they use steels of the highest quality and programs specialized for CNC’s programming and pieces injection simulation.

The extension of the plant is of more than 3,500 m2 divided on three warehouses in addition they have three loading and unloading platforms.

It growth reflects in the expansion of its second industrial building, they have the most modern machines, 100 percent electric.

They currently have indirect exports, what they manufacture for their customers is exported.

Perez explained that their workers receive continuous training, they know the rules and company’s policies, information about their shift and depending on their activity the training for the processes.

This year PerPlast will obtain the ISO 9001-2015 certification, with will be added to the ISO 14000 certification they already have, and from customers such as Pepsico in ISO 9000.


Parent company: Estado de Mexico

Number of workers: 150

Capital: Mexican

Activity: Plastic injection, manufacturing