In Mexico voltage variations are strong, due to different factors that influence these changes, such as infrastructure, weather, flora and fauna, that is why in the 50’s if some device of recurrent energy broke due to these variations it generated big expenses for companies and people; Walter Koblenz, founder and owner of Koblenz decided to launch the first regulators in the country to avoid monetary losses.

With 5 lines of products divisions they are launching a sixth one, they have the ISO 9001 certification and certified laboratories, and there are products they machine and others that they import.  Currently, they have three different plants: one located in Mexico City, where they manufacture everything industrial from the subsidiary Masisa such as floor washers, polishers, water washers, in addition the training center is there; then the plant “Del Trebol,” as it is known where vacuum cleaners are manufactured; and finally the plant located in Cuautitlan Izcalli where regulators, no breaks, suppressors, washer machines and stoves.

Jaime Martinez, energy marketing manager said that according to information of the National Association of Manufacturers and Distributors has 47 % of the market, what makes them unquestionable leaders in the sector with 64 % of retail.

Koblenz products manufactured and marketed in Mexico have a branch of voltage between 110 and 145 volts, to avoid any device is burned or not function at is total capability.

“Regulators are made practically of two parts: one is a coil, where a cable surrounds the coil to a transformer which is what will regulate the voltage and a transmitter card that we program to regulate certain range and the second a transformed to regulate the voltage; and what happens if a voltage variation takes place the regulator will increase a lower voltage to a permitted range and if it is high will be lowered,” explained the manager of marketing.

Jesus Rosillo explained that inside the plant is the production of regulators a no breaks, the electronics design area where projects have been provided for home appliances.  Explained: “the process of regulators is very complete, since the sheet we cut it, we die-cut it; we paint it and afterwards it is send to assembly, we have harnesses area, wiring and were we assemble circuits and transformers, to end we send them to the area where all parts are assembled in order to have the regulator ready.”

Jaime Martinez underlined that Koblenz manages insurance policies: “if it is one device connected in optimum conditions and a product is damaged, they can communicate to the Service Center, where they assess everything and we have a policy to repair the equipment up to 25 thousand dollars and we have up to 7 years of guarantee.”

Its distribution is internally and they export to different countries such as the United States, Canada, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, among others.