In Mexico, industrial safety is an issue increasingly important for manufacturing companies.  According to the Mexican Social Security Institute, there are three deaths per day average, and about 70 injuries nationally.

Before this scenario, Mexican industry has launched different training programs inside their plants.  The Japanese company, Omron, settled in Mexico in Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Mexico City, said that 93 % of the machines in traditional factories are unsafe.

Alejandro Perea, safety specialist for industry services in Omron Mexico, said that a manufacturing plant concern about safety must have measurement sensors, pressure, machines control systems, robots for automated processes, and vision systems.  “In Omron we have a motto, ‘if your machine is safe, your company is successful.’  It is necessary to fulfill a risk assessment of machines that will be operated by human capital, and asses the risks of placing necessary attachments.”

Industrial safety should not be considered as a set of percepts completely consolidated, because they have to evolve such as technological applications do.  Scientific progress produces technological inventions that could materialize in new products and industrial services.

That implies manufacturing processes, new kind of industrial facilities, and moreover new products or services available for the consumer, understanding it in a wide sense, of population which that does not have to have knowledge about matters related with such product.

Meanwhile, Dora Pena, applications engineer for personal safety in 3M Mexico said that in the industry, safety equipment besides protecting the worker, provides him tranquility, and that tranquility makes him more productive, which turns it into a win – win, as you protect the collaborator and turn your company efficient.

“Honestly I believe there are many things to do, we as 3M participate in regulatory subcommittees, and there are many standards still being developed and other that are currently being consulted and I consider that there are still many things that could be executed through standards that help us regulate the subject of personal protection equipment usage in manufacturing plants, such as specifications regarding type of equipment, work positions conditions for each type of risk, etc.  Number two labor disease is hearing, deafness where approximately 1,350 cases per year are reported nationwide.  The first one is related with back issues,” added Pena.

For facilities and industrial processes, and particularly for those called Serious or Major Accidents, the determining method based in hazards identification and their avoiding through protection measures is not possible in general, and approximation imposes.  In this case the word risk appears in its most pure conceptual sense, as the result of multiplying a damage identified by the probability of such damage occurs.

Javier Suiran, worker protection for southern cone in Dupong Latam, said that having a good industrial safety policy makes the company being more concern about the employee working in his daily activities.  “I think there is nothing most noble that knowing one is taking all necessary measures for the people to develop their work and return home safe and sound to be with their family, then it is very important, and part of that is having the necessary information regarding how products have to be used and which are the novelties companies have to show, that is in fact fundamental for one person being hygienist or hygiene and safety responsible could perform his work in a suitable manner.”

Seeking for safety is a human logic aspiration, but an overreaching approach that demanded complete safety will cause society paralysis, as no transportation, electricity, nor chemical products can be demanded zero risk.
Levi Silva, ceos manager for Worke line of Personal Protection in DuPont, said that: “what we see is that big companies are very concern about their image and usually will try accidents be zero or near zero with a change in production process, with PPEs use, over-dimensioned, etc., when you start talking about less known brands or maquilas, many times they are not that concerned, but those maquilas bankrupt, then throughout time, those mature companies are usually very concern for their image and do not want to partner with a company with a lot of risk, accidents, that is not a market leader company.  In fact company image, motivation of employees, their role in society, the aforementioned accident cost is increasing, many companies begin setting there accident cost.  Already mature companies have it under control or are working on it, what is missing and is increasingly growing, mainly in Latam are those well-known brands that realize that in order to get there they also need to change their processes.”