The Canadian company TIBO opened in Puebla with a first investment of 1.5 million dollars, creating 30 new job positions.  TIBO has more than 50 years being experts in the sector of plastic injection and compression molds, specifically for the automotive sector.


Thanks to its professional network, they have a great technical and industrial domain of design, the manufacture and mold maintenance.  Its innovative solutions and competitive prices allow companies to rapidly increase their productivity in any industrial sector.


Marc Thibault, president of TIBO Group, said that this new plant also sets a new phase in TIBO progression regarding the development of the Mexican market, which started in 2008.  “I take the opportunity to thank specially our first clients who believed in us, and mainly to Unicar, Mecaplast, Volkswagen and Tepso Plastics, currently US Farathane, without which maybe we were not here today.”


He added that: “we are aware that we have work to do to guarantee quality, service and the support for our molds, as well as providing our services of repair, modifications and maintenance.”  The next stage for TIBO Puebla will be to offer all its clients the manufacture of new molds aiming to guarantee a more attractive service.


Michel Chain, secretary of Competitiveness, Labor and Social Development, said that the government has focused in being a facilitator for the attraction of international companies to Puebla.  Likewise, he noted that this plant is very important as it represents an important growth in the entity’s economy and that despite natural disasters the country has suffered; they continue to have the friendship and confidence from investor friends.


Added to this, he informed that the State of Puebla is one of the sites where benefits from the international trade and the positive part of globalization reflect.  “Puebla has had an automotive industry for the last 50 to 60 years, but in the last 25 an accelerated growth has been obtained, what has allowed us to be not only the 4th national vehicle producer, but also the 4th export one.


He also mentioned that this industry generates 64,000 jobs in the state, and it has more than 160 automotive suppliers.  “We have a specialized workforce worldwide recognized.  All businessmen tell us that they do not see the difference of the quality of products assembled in Canada, the United States or Germany with which we know assembled in Puebla.  The Cluster Universitario allows us to advance more in activities related with innovation and development.”


Finally, Stephanie Allard, Quebec delegate in Mexico, reiterated his congratulations to TIBO company for the decision of installing in Mexico and mainly in Puebla.  He assured that TIBO moldes is a perfect example of how a family SMEs from Quebec can take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the economic globalization and mainly for the North American economic space.


“TIBO in Mexico has created strategic ties with different partners and has achieved to expand its borders and diversify its international market though the direct approach to its buyers.  Puebla is the fourth most important state in Mexico in which industry represents 80 % of its economy in different sectors.  The talent of its people makes this company having a promising future for its operations and growth.”


He ended saying that: “this opening provide us an idea of economic and commercial relations between Canada and Mexico, and present interesting opportunities for more Canadian companies to invest, establish and grow in the country, mainly in Puebla.


For TIBO, the complete satisfaction of the client is defined as a proactive management of the projects based in continuous listening and communication.  This management model, together with an exceptional level of attention in details on each project stage, allows them to completely respect requests and clients’ terms.  Their specialists’ team has high technology equipment and of resources tested with the aim of offering a customized support from the creation to the production of each mold.



Automotive Industry

Plastic Industry

Home appliances Industry

Motorized Sports


The team of specialists in plastic injection molds from TIBO has Forefront technology to produce a great variety of molds, such as:


Stack Mold

Double Injection Rotary Mold

Assisted by gas or water

Hot runner injection molds

Mold with inserts

Conventional mold

Prototype mold

Compression mold


The Plastic injection molds the company produces can reach 50 tons that can be used in injection press of up to 3,500 tons.