With a total investment of 25 million dollars 

With an investment of 450 million pesos, Lavartex, national leader in industrial washing opened its ninth plant in the municipality of Ixtacuixtla, Tlaxaca, generating thus 300 formal jobs.


Lavartex works to provide tranquility to its customers providing them a comprehensive service of lease and textile washing.  In its “uniforms” division they detect the needs organizations have within their productive chain.  Criteria as hygiene and safety in industrial uniforms are a fundamental piece that allows them completely covering those normative applied to the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industry.


Jose Luis Jaques Perez, general director of Lavartex, commented that Tlaxcala became the twenty-second State of the Republic in 1857 and its traditional economic activity has given way to industrialization.  “The State Government has worked hard to expand the job offer in the population, which is rich in history and culture.  The general conditions in the entity, the vision of the company’s shareholders and the great work of our partners in Lavartex were determinant to locate them here in Tlaxcala,” he said.


He noted that Lavartex is a group of companies dedicated to the sale and lease of textiles for the health sector, hospital and Industry with presence in 29 States of Mexico.  In addition he cleared that they are a company of 100 % Mexican capital with a history of more than 96 years of experience.


On the other hand, he added that the company is committed in providing a quality work environment.  “We have decided to enable a safe plant for our partners.  A world-class facility with the most updated equipment on its kind inside our industry,” he explained.


Likewise, he said that “we have strongly committed with the environment as we are certified in ISO 14001 and in the PROFEPA, in addition we have other international certifications that make Lavartex Tlaxcala unique, not only in the country, but also in the entire American continent.  For us this investment is an example of the great commitment we have with Mexico.”


While, Marco Mena, governor of Tlaxcala, informed that in the state, one of the most important issues for the Government is formal jobs, as thanks to that, families have a higher income and access to safety and social wellbeing.

We took the opportunity to congratulate the general director of the company, Jose Luis Jaques Perez, for his commitment with Tlaxcala.  “I thank my friend Jaques Perez because his company leader in industrial washing in Mexico decided to expand on this land.  There are many factors why they decided to come to the State and generate more jobs, but the most important one was the highly qualified workforce that we have.  I am pleased that the people from Tlaxcala are proudly performing their work and their effort results in better conditions for their families.  I am proud of all of you,” he commented.


He underlined that the 25 million dollars, in addition of making him proud, generate devotion to continue working hard in seeking Tlaxcala growth.  “We are increasingly consolidating the industrial profile of the State.  This will allow us to occupy the place we want in the area and in the country.  We want to be recognized as an entity growing quick, which is attractive to invest and that we are professional people and very hardworking.  This aimed to our families being developed in a healthy and safe environment.”


Together with this, Rafael Zambrano Cervantes, mayor of Ixtacuixtla, said: “I am very pleased to receive so important people nationally, but I am even prouder to be with businessmen who are coming to promote Tlaxcala.  Today another expansion is made of Lavartex and it makes us happy because it generates more jobs.”


Also, he emphasized that Tlaxcala is a fertile state for companies.  “Doors are open for all entrepreneurs wishing to be installed in the entity,” said Zambrano Cervantes, who ended endorsing his support for Lavartex and congratulate them for having forefront technology and high safety for their 300 workers.


In the following years, two more expansion stages will be given which will be concluded in 2021, therefore there will be a total of 1,000 formal employees and joint investment of 45 million dollars.


It is important to say that in 2019 is anticipated the expansion of two productions industrial buildings for which will be addressed 15 million dollars and 100 job sources will be generated.


One of the main Lavartex customers is the Volkswagen plant to which it delivers 27,000 uniforms daily.


Its operative flexibility allows them to be adapted to the different requirements and needs of any kind of Industry, as those that require unsightly clothing, the ones using fire retarding clothing, the ones that need complying with regulations applied to food Industry such as the FSS 22000 or simply to those they wish to keep their personnel uniformed.