The company specialized in energy generation and hydraulic Industry,---, presented their projects’ plant to create higher development and innovation in the country, and thus bet on sustainability services.

Manuel Salas, general director of CIPRO, said they are interested in being able to apply these projects in manufacturing companies, as water use in the industry has an efficiency component.

“Water can be used in a procedure, afterward a treatment is provided to reuse it and thus cyclically. This in compliance with the National Standard regarding Wastewaters Treatment,” said the director.

He also explained that this way chemical components in products from some manufacturing companies are prevented to be discharged into drainage systems or on rivers and, as in general the industry in Mexico is being seriously committed with a change toward sustainability, there are many opportunities within this sector.

Among its studies and projects are:

-       APP Projects Development (Public-Private Associations): they have personnel experienced in the development of management and operation of APP Projects.

-       Hydraulic Works: purification and treatment plants, storage dams pumping stations, derivatives and hydroelectric, irrigation systems, among others.

-       Hydraulic Planning: comprehensive diagnosis for operators’ organisms, hydrology, basins management, riverbeds behavior analysis and protection works.

-       Energy: Hydro energy studies, basic engineering and of detail, integration of bid package.

-       Touristic and Real Estate Development: hydro sanitary facilities, electric facilities, firefighting system, voice and data, structural design.

-       Field studies: water quality, geology, geotechnics, geophysics, digital geological topography, aerial photogrammetry, and satellite tracking.

-       Administrative Technical Control: work contract management, construction assurance according to the executive project and work estimation management.

-       Projects operation: maintenance programs, final and startup testing of equipment and facilities, operation protocols, follow-up and operation control.

CIPRO has the support of more than 250 studies and projects executed.  Currently, they have 15 plans at the door with an investment of 900 million pesos. For this year, they anticipate a close in engineering developments of about 2 billion pesos.