Mexico is in transition time, from a completely assembler country to one that adds value, with well-paid job sources perspectives, and provides design and local technological content.


Industrial development is one of the maximum expressions of human evolution, and before the new challenges being present, it is necessary for directives and human capital to be duly prepared to face them.


It is here, where HR takes a very important role for productive sectors.  These sectors are characterized by having the need of requiring highly trained human resources, with excellent technical preparation and a higher sense of responsibility and discipline, since teamwork involves a very high leadership capacity and problem solving


Training needs at work, whether initial or continuous, result from the dynamics of the Industry and the advanced improvement in technologies, materials and processes, which make the quick learning capacity being also an essential characteristic sought within the sector’s workers.


Last year change in the pharmaceutical sector, in laboratories business model, as well as in the whole market, have had a big impact in companies.  Organizations people need to renovate to assure competitiveness and the human resources area has an active role to encourage and facilitate changes.


Before the new environmental and economic needs, industrial directives worldwide are aware of human capital wellbeing is fundamental to achieve the desired results in the sector.


Some of the sectors with more advances projection in the next three years internationally are:


Automotive Industry 44%

Manufacture Industry 41%

Global 38%

Transportation and logistics 32%

Energy sector 29%


One of the biggest challenges of the industry in Mexico is the recruitment and qualified workforce selection, with high sense of responsibility and discipline, as the work being done is as a team, which involves high leadership capacity and skills.


In order to achieve success in personnel management in the manufacture sector on-the-job training is essential at all times, due to the industry dynamics, technological advances and in processes.


Moreover, during the recruitment and personnel selection quickness in learning is one of the best valued characteristics.  It is important to know human capital constitutes an intangible asset that has the capability to support productivity increase, encourage innovation and with that competitiveness in any industry, despite the sector.


Industry 4.0


New technologies, hyper-connectivity and mobility are showing a new business model, professional opportunities and challenges for talent collectors and human resources professionals,  with the arrival of Industry 4.0, these collectors must identify the needs of the new professional profiles, in such manner they can help their company to evolve and be positioned as a competitive and important actor.


Pedro Borda, executive president of the Mexican Association in Human Resources Direction (AMEDIRH, by its Spanish initials) considers that Mexican companies and the Government had advanced a lot in this sector, particularly in comprehensive management issues of talent and training; however, it is also estimated that they have to advance more in performance assessment matter, as Mexico is one of the countries where people spends more time at work, without it representing an increasing positive impact in productivity and profitability.


“People, as workforce, contribute with one of the most important inputs in value creation in economy and society.  I am referring, first, to work but even more important, to talent and capability to transform organizations, and with that, society” Mr. Borda said.


Likewise, he noted that for personnel performing hard jobs, a clear profile is required, assessment of the position in function of what the market pays and the construction of a fair compensations plan balanced for the business and the collaborator.


Finally, Mr. Borda talked about hiring of people with disabilities: “This is a subject that continues to have important gaps in the country.  The biggest challenge is for companies to see this as part of their polices and strategies for talent management and not only as a reputation tool.”




Is a company dedicated to the elaboration of tests to measure people capacity, potential behavior risks and job ethics which help corporations knowing who the best candidate is at the moment of their recruitment.


Adriana Catalan, country manager at Midot Mexico, said: “currently evaluating a candidate or employee only by their knowledge and experience is not enough, it is also necessary to know if a person is honest and committed.  Honesty and commitment are values difficult to identify in a 40 minutes interview or in a psychometric test, for that there is Midot.”


Inside the industrial sector, the company has dabbled with the innovative tool SafetyTEST, which predicts potential accident risks in work environment in candidates and collaborators, mainly for those people fulfilling high risk jobs.




The main activity of this company is human capital management, Jesus Medina, general manager in Mexico City, explained that Worken considers people the most important thing, therefore their main objective is to make them feel integrated and give them a value proposal to generate a sense of belonging.


The Industry that requires their services the most is manufacturing, due to certain personnel needs to perform the “hardest” task, therefore Worken says their job has to be recognized, in order for the personnel feel comforted, that their work is valued, whether giving them resting days or with an economic remuneration.




With the objective of achieving a formation and development in people inside a company, Explayrience supported by ludic tools, seeks personnel knowing how to perform their position within the company through a completely creative, innovative manner, and that it provides an added value to the organization.


Karen Perea, commercial executive and Explayrience facilitator, said that the human factor is the most important thing, as the company would not exist without it, which is why the motivational part is very important.  “To feel considered and have a belonging sense, makes performance better, mainly in those employees fulfilling the hard work, whether provide them with a bonus or some compensation for their effort,” she noted.


Desirable productivity in a company is achieved by personal motivation, recognizing the job well done and with economic incentives per goal.

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