The company SDI Industrial changed its image to Grupo SDI with the shaping of 3 divisions specialized in solutions for a great variety of industries.  Each one of the segments has a specific mission and vision in which are defined the needs that seek satisfying customers’ needs.


“We identified three big divisions in function to the needs of the markets we serve, to improve the way we organize and serve the demand.  The formed segments were Automation & Control, Conveyors & Material Handling and End of Line,” said Carlos Gutierrez, director of operations.


In order to provide a better service to customers from Grupo SDI, a new segment was narrowed which was not previously noticeable.  “There was not direct strategy, with this is sought attracting more customers and have more order in the areas’ process.  We identified that the requirements for each one of the segments are different; the attention to suppliers and technical formation of our personnel needs to be specialized on each one of the divisions in order to assure the customer that we will deliver products, solutions and services of the highest quality,” said David Dieck, sales director.


Likewise, he detailed that they keep the relation with the customers they had; however, the working mode is already more specialized.  “We are investing more time in attracting new End of Line projects; there is a special person for this segment which is the one in charge of knocking doors.”


David Dieck also said that they have big projects in the Conveyors & Material Handling division.  “We have had more experience by working with cookie companies, soda factories and of maquila.  We work for cities such as Celaya, Altamira and Mexico City.”


Participation in Hannover Messe 2018


Carlos Gutierrez, director of operations, said that the presence they had at the biggest Fair in technology was a great experience and they were proud of representing Mexico.


“We believe Mexico will accelerate its growth in the automation industry, we are increasingly aware of what automation is giving us and what we are doing is to find high quality products at a competitive price and with SDI service,” Gutierrez ended.