With the initiative of encouraging Mexico towards grapheme new era, Antonio Miramontes and Luis Caballero founded the company Graphenemex.
Graphenemex is a worldwide leading company in developing processes and new applications through nanotechnology to produce grapheme and different grapheme materials.
Thanks to its resistance properties, flexibility and resistance, this material is attractive for industries such as automotive, electronics, plastics, among many others.
Its founders were focused on creating revolutionary products they are patenting, since, Luis Caballero explained those are processes no one else has developed by Mexican researchers, on a Mexican company.

“With these processes, we are capable of producing grapheme materials of the highest quality and at the lowest cost internationally.  This places us in a highly competitive position for the development of different applications with our processes, we are also capable of producing grapheme in the entity and at suitable scale at industrial level; at the same time, we are capable of functionalizing different types of grapheme according to the application being developed,” explained Antonio Miramontes, general director of Graphene.


Grapheme is a nanomaterial awarded with the Nobel Prize of Physics 2010, it is the most resistant material and the lightest known.  It is an atomic layer of pure carbon, a two-dimensional material with the thickness of one atom only perfectly distributed on n hexagonal honeycomb formation.
Some of the properties that stand out the most in this material are resistance, lightness, impermeability, flexibility and electricity conductor, among others.

This material can be obtained in two ways: The exfoliation method, where very thin graphite layers are sliced.
Also, by the Chemical Vapor Decomposition Method: Inside a specialized machine, gases reactions intervene which cause carbon atoms to separate, then they fall into an aluminum substrate, nickel or copper, in which grapheme layers are shaped.


Currently, Graphenemex is focused on four groups of grapheme applications: polymers Nano-composites with grapheme, paints and coatings, photovoltaic cells and biomedical sensors.

By demonstrating researchers wide experience who work in Graphenemex, they have developed their own applications: among the first ones are Nano Paint paints, which standout for being anticorrosive and as Antonio Miramontes explained, grapheme oxide gives them high corrosive property.

“Corrosion problem is that it costs 2.5 trillion dollars per year internationally and it has not been solved, there is no paint, nor any coating that has solved it.  We with Nano Paint are ready to make this with an entire complete paint line that goes from water-based, vinyl, ethylene, and polyurethane, among others.  This places us at forefront internationally,” said the directive.

He also said that graheme provides paints and coatings high antimicrobial properties, ultraviolet radiation resistance and increase in durability, with highly competitive prices.
The other developed application is NanoCreto, a concrete additive that provides it higher resistance, even to fire, and makes it antimicrobial, and as one of the company’s CEOs describes it, it is 3.5 times more waterproof than normal concrete.  In fact, the first office building in the world is being constructed in Merida using this product.
Currently, they are opening channels in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and, Abu Dhabi.

Graphenemex is the only Mexican company capable of producing high quality graphene in great amounts and as of this year they began increasing their production capability to 4 tons of graphene materials annually.

They have signed research agreements with the Instituto de Fisica from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM,) el Centro de Nanociencias y Micro y Nanotecnologias of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN,) el Instituto Potosino de Investigacion Cientifica y Tecnologica and with the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi.