General Motors recognized 133 of its best suppliers worldwide during the 27th annual ceremony of the Supplier of the Year Award.


Automotive sector supplying companies from 15 countries, they received the award “Supplier of the Year” for going beyond GM’s requirements, to offer customers vehicles with advanced technology and highest quality.


Of the awarded suppliers, three have operations in Mexico:

•    Nemak – Aluminum casting, blocks, and caps

•    Hirotec – Stamped parts of the exterior surface

•    TLE – Materials and vehicles movement


“We encourage our suppliers to get the bar higher on their quality metrics,” said Steve Kiefer, senior vice-president of Purchases and GM Supply Chain.  “And give everything to provide the required innovation and quality to help us winning lifelong customers.”


Besides naming its main suppliers, GM recognized four companies with the acknowledgment “Innovation Award:”


•    Multimatic – They produced the new cap Multipro Tailgate used in the new GMC Sierra, which allows access to the back of the truck in a simple manner with a variety of opening options for flexibility when entering the back and settles objects for transportation.

•    Teijin / Continental Structural Plastics – They executed the CarbonPro back of the GMC Sierra, the first one made of carbon fiber in the industry, which reduces the truck weight in 28 kilos and supplies unique robustness and durability.

•    Innolux – They developed an innovation to decrease displays reflect by creating a uniform black and solid appearance when it turns off.


GM also recognized 4 companies – Lear, Penske, Shiloh, and Stanadyne – with the award “Overdrive,” which was granted for the first time in 2012 and recognizes suppliers by their extraordinary leadership in culture and commitment changes initiatives, which lead to exceptional results for GM.


Winners of Suppliers of the Year awards, Innovation, and Overdrive, were chosen for a global team of executives in Purchases, Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing and Logistics of GM.  The awarded were chosen based on performance criteria in Product Purchases, Global Purchases and Manufacturing Service, Customer Care and Post-sale and Logistics.