Mexican companies are important actors in global value chains

There are more than six thousand companies dedicated to the export manufacturing industry in Mexico, where automotive, metal-mechanic; plastics, chemical, food and textile prevail.  The companies with more exports are the ones dedicated to the manufacture of transportation equipment.


The manufacture industry includes economic units dedicated mainly to mechanic transformation, physical or chemical of materials or substances aimed to obtain new products; to the serially assembly of parts and manufactured components; to the serially reconstruction of machines and industrial equipment, commercial, of office and others, and the finish of die manufactured products, heat treatment, plating and similar processes.


In 2016, export manufacturing companies settled in Mexico reached the 303 thousand 831 million dollars according to data from INEGI, in which highlight the manufacturers of machinery and equipment, electric devices and generation of energy, transportation equipment, chemical materials, computer and measurement equipment.


In Puebla, the manufacturing industry with the largest export is the automotive; while in Tlaxcala is textile and the Estado de Mexico continues with being the leader in transportation equipment exports, followed by chemical materials.


Automotive Exports


Based in data from ProMexico, in 2016, Mexico was located for third consecutive year as the seventh producer of vehicles internationally and the first place in Latin America, surpassing Brazil for more than one million units.  During this year, the production and exports of light and heavy vehicles established a new historical record in the country.


The United States continues to be the main export market of light vehicles; however, automobiles produced in Mexico have increased their participation as destination of Mexican exports.  Exports with destination added 115,739 units.


The Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA, by its Spanish initials) provided the tentative results the country has had during the accumulate of January-July 2018, an increase of 8.1 % on its exports with a final amount of one million 665 thousand 178, it is worth mentioning that Nissan announced the results of their exports.


The brands with more exportation during this period were:


General Motors with 466 thousand 910 units, with a variation of 33.4 percent.


FCA Mexico with 341 thousand 396 exported automobiles that result in a variation of 4 percent.


Volkswagen obtained a drop on its exports with 203 thousand 509 units, compared with 226 thousand 825 vehicles and obtained a variation of -10.3 %.  Despite the decrease on their exports, they were not affected to achieve being one of the 3 main companies with more international commercialization.


In this sense, Mexican export companies play a very important role in world economy, result from the increase in international trade, products made in Mexico have found new destinations for their commercialization generating more currency cash flow, developing in different sectors of the importer country and even the creation of international trade institutions.  An example of proudly Mexican companies is Macimex, Fandeli and Grupo Neolpharma.




Founded in 1979, subsidiary of Grupo Quimmco is a company 100 % Mexican dedicated to the manufacturing of crankshafts worldwide.


Macimex machines casted and forged crankshafts for fuel and diesel engines, brake systems, agriculture Industry, marine and recreational.


Their 2 plants located in two of the most important automotive industrial corridors in the country they have an annual installed capability higher than 2 million crankshafts, serving customers in North, South America, Europe and Asia with which they achieve exporting more than 50 percent of its production.


Juan Jose Gasca, advanced manufacture and engineering director said: “We are a few steps of becoming leaders in the supply of high precision machining components for the world market, guaranteeing profitability based in world-class manufacturing and management systems, to have satisfied customers with the support of personnel and suppliers.”




Proudly Mexican company, only producer of coated abrasives in the country, with more than 90 years of experience, undisputed leader in the market, of world-class thanks to their participation and export to more than 25 countries.


FANDELI offers a complete portfolio of solutions, with quality certified in ISO 9001:2000 including the needs of different industries such as the automotive, wood industry, metal-mechanic, plastic and construction.  They are present in the different processes in tasks of roughing, cutting, sanding and polishing surfaces in different materials.


Javier Perez Olagaray, general director, said: “We currently have 50 products lines in 500 graduations.  We export to more than 25 countries being leaders, but the largest market we supply is the American.  In Central and South America we sell more commercial products such as wet sandpaper and in the automotive industry we are present in fine tuning and of detail processes in assemblers, as well as in the refinish and in the tinsmithery and paint workshops.


Pharmaceutic Exports


It is estimated that the production from the chemical-pharmaceutical sector in Mexico reached an amount of 9,638 million dollars.  Mexican exports of this sector added 1,376 million dollars, what positioned the country as the main exporter from America Latina.  The main export countries were U.S., Panama and Colombia.


According with the study Competitive Alternatives 2016 from KPMG, Mexico offers 17.1 % of savings in manufacturing costs from the pharmaceutical industry, compared to U.S.  This sector registered and accumulated investment of 4,761 million dollars during the period 2010-2016.




Grupo Neolpharma resulted from a story full of successes in serving the quality life and health of Mexicans.  They started with a little company named Psicofarma in 1994, which became one of the main Government suppliers for the health sector in the manufacturing of drugs.


As they observed that they did not have the pharmaceutical forms, they decided to acquire new plants to continue developing drugs, mainly solutions, creams and injectable.  Before the high demand, Neolpharma was born, what allowed going from the traditional generics to having an area for innovation and development.  But they also have the idea of enriching the productive chain and it is there where they are already manufacturing farmochemical for Mexico, by trying of substituting imports.


Efren Ocampo, executive president of Neolpharma, said: “We are a family that with austerity operate companies and that enable us in some way to have capitalization which we have always taken it towards the productive capability and we have not deviated resources from the route of the pharmaceutical industry.  Each investment we have done, we did it with the highest technology available in the pharmaceutical forms we want to develop.”


Being a key piece in the pharmaceutical development of the country, Efren said that we have a forceful Mexican industry that can become a currency source in the future, of more employment and participate in international markets.  “We at the group employ more than 2,500 people in Psicofarma, Neolpharma, Alpharma Cluster, and these will increase with our new Psicofarma inyectables plant, which will finish this year.”




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