The Economic Studies Area from CANACINTRA Puebla held the conference “Economic Indicators within the manufacture Industry,” addressed to industrial companies in the State, with aimed to provide a clear vision of the sexennial transition the country will have and how it will affect the manufacture industry.


Such conference started with the economic analysis of the United States, referring that on the first 6 months of 2018 it has had a good performance, with the GDP that grew 2.7 % per year, the performance decreased to 4 %.  In addition, the growth of its industrial production was underlined, with an acceptable rate of 3.3 % per year during the first semester of the year, this as an answer to its exports, which rhythm of 11.7 % per year in May is the highest since 2011.


Mexico is the number 15th economy with 1.1 billion dollars.  The United States is the main importer in the world, with about 3 billion dollars per year, therefore a good performance of that economy means that it will purchase more from the rest of the world and for that it is fundamental within the world economy dynamic.


Currently, the manufacture GDP represents little more than 17 % of the national GDP, by observing the largest sectors in the country; commerce (wholesale in addition of retail) is the most important, as it is of about little more than 18 % of the National GDP, followed by manufacture (17 %) and of the real estate sector and of leasing (10 %,) those three accumulate 45 % of the total GDP.  Then the construction sector (7 % of the GDP.)


At this moment, the most important Industry within the manufactures of the country is the one of “Transportation equipment,” which includes vehicles, auto-parts, and passengers’ transportation, among other industries.  The GDP of this industry is worth today about 47 billion dollars and represents 22.3 % of the national GDP, surpassing by second consecutive year the food industry.


Puebla manufacture represented 25.1 % of its total state GDP, being the ninth entity with more manufacture industry in the country.  With estimated amounts for 2017 and 2018, it is anticipated that Puebla increases its industrial participation nationwide.