Eastman, a world leader in cellulose based materials production, introduced Eastman TREVA, a breakthrough in bioplastic engineering, which addresses the needs of brands around the world as a sustainable, high-quality material that stands out from its competitors in a global market that evolves rapidly and constantly.


“Eastman has applied nearly 100 years of specialized research in the design and testing of TREVA to meet the improved sustainability and performance profile that brands, manufacturers, molders and other companies look for throughout the value chain,” said Burt Capel, vice president and general manager of Eastman's Specialty Plastics.


The superior combination of TREVA of sustainability and safety, its performance and improvements in the final application, as well as its design and flexibility make it the ideal material choice for the following applications:


● Frames of lenses, electronic, hearing aids and many other devices that have direct contact with the skin


● Electronics with screens, such as transparent lenses and covers


● Appliances, cosmetic packaging, housings and other products with complex designs


● Interior automotive components where chemical and aesthetic resistances are desired characteristics


● Other applications that demand high sustainability and security requirements


Beyond developing innovative materials, Eastman has a long and productive history of collaboratively work with its customers to ensure that the development and design of their product is robust and has a simplified process, sharing their experience in technical processes to reduce the time market positioning.


“Eastman is committed to meeting the unmet needs of new and potential customers,” Capel said. “We have received a lot of interest from brands around the world and we are excited to be able to collaborate closely with them to create the next generation of high performance sustainable products.”