High cost in data processing centers installation, where it is dimensioned through surface and the impact generated by the consumption of electricity has led more corporations to demand the maximum performance of its next investment.

Alfonso Santos, member of the BICSI organization and director for Latin America in Chatsworth Products, underlined the importance electro-mechanic infrastructure and of support, in optimizing cooling systems, by eliminating the heat that due to its nature equipment produce and also optimizing the surface used required by the hardware on a data center.

One of the most important aspects is the amount of electric energy consumed in processing, which produces intense heat from equipment.  The big challenge is to counter those great amounts of heat through the cabinet, with settings that allow making the cooling system more efficient.

If there is no a suitable balance, productivity is compromised and even the operation; disproportionate increasing the consumption of electricity; wasting used space; breaking their data center profitability.

Many data centers are reaching their production capability limit, used space and used energy.  The reality, is showed in temperature increase, not only in the data center, but also inside cabinets.

We could wrongly think that the solution is in building a new one, but this is not always feasible.  The alternative are modular containment systems, solving the temperature increase problem immediately, without affecting the operation, since they are installed “live.”

A project dimensioned as of surface and cooling can be optimized by reducing the observed surface up to 50 % on a traditional design; likely, the cooling load can be optimized, also reducing the electric consumption.

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