The plastic Industry in Mexico, although it results valuable in virtue of being an automotive industry supplier, it has had a discrete growing rhythm in the last 10 years.  Taking into account that the annual average growth of the Mexican economy in general has been of 2.92 %, the one from the plastic industry is barely higher, with 3.03 % annual average.  This rhythm has allowed the plastic industry to increase its value 20.4 % between 2003 and 2013, when going from 44,925 million pesos to 54,117 million pesos.


This sector, in which is estimated a consumption of 5.3 million tons in the country; it plays a role inside the manufacturing sector and especially in the exporting market, where there are great opportunities for Mexican suppliers.


This sector companies sum a commercial value of more than 23 thousand million dollars and keep the economic interaction with more than 50 thousand companies and industries.


Mexico exceeds to China, the United States and Germany regarding the world plastic production, occupying the eleventh place worldwide.


In the manufacturing Industry of plastic items they have an important place, since they are in the application of new products, technologies, construction, packaging, auto-parts, consumption, among others.




It represents 25.1 % of the GDP of the chemical sector

Production: more than 5 million tons per year

Annual growth: 4.8 %

Industry and raw material value: 325 thousand 157 million pesos

World production: Eleventh place (exceeding China, the United States and Germany)


The increase of exporting has exceeded the one from importing.  Mexican plastics exporting increase 9.67 % annual average in the 2003-2013 periods, while imports grew 6.04 % annual average in the same period, which allowed decrease the increase on the commercial deficit that the industry is showing.


Juan Antonio Hernandez, president of ANIPAC (National Association of Plastic Industries,) commented: “The plastic sector is strategic in the industrial and economic structure of the world.  Our plastic industry is an obligated referent in planning and it is a referent in any project of any nature.”  Likewise, he informed that North America is today the world region with the cheapest production in plastic industry, recording also an increase in its production capacity, but that is facing new competitors and insufficient infrastructure.


“The plastic sector is strategic in the world industrial structure.  From 1950 to 2015, the plastic industry has recorded constant growth in its production.  Asia currently dominates the plastic production (49 %,) followed by Europe (19 %) and North America (18 %.)  For that reason, it continues to be an opportunity area for Mexico and Latin America.”


Meanwhile, the market value of machinery production for the plastic industry is of 34 thousand million euros, being Europe the area that goes ahead with 43 % of the production, followed by China that concentrates the 32 % of the world production, while North America represents only 10 %.


“Mexico imports 20 thousand million dollars in resins and plastics per year, and it is within the main countries of products exporting together with the United States and Canada.”




Currently, about 100 Mexican companies operate in Guatemala, representing in 2015 a direct investment of 97.6 million dollars.


Regarding Costa Rica, the commercial Exchange after 20 years of the NAFTA signature, the trade between both nations grew twenty-nine times, going from 122.2 million dollars in 1994 to 3 thousand 538 million dollars in 2014.


The accumulated investment of Mexico in Costa Rica to 2015 is of 1,500 million dollars while the accumulated investment of Costa Rica in Mexico to June 2015 is of 175.2 million dollars.




Due to the great importance that this sector is taking in the country.  Was held in the largest exhibition of the plastic industry named PLASTIMAGEN, in Mexico City; where the most important actors of this industrial sector met.


Kluber de Mexico


Kluber Lubricacion has being its partner in the lubrication specialty and services in the sector of tribology and lubrication engineering since 1978.


Their passion is innovation in tribology solutions.  Through consulting and personal contact they help their customers to be successful.  With their great experience, ambitious technological concepts and competent personnel, they comply with the current growing requirements of efficiency in high performance lubricants required by the industry.


Francisco Ramirez, market manager of chemical Industry, mentioned that they seek to allocate within the range of lubricants for all OEMs.


They have developments for food grade grease, grease supporting high temperatures, lubricants developed specially for plastic industry, for the injection and blowing sector.  They also have very friendly dosing equipment for maintenance.


They manage 2 large groups of products.  Grease and oils, as basically every industry requires maintenance and this kind of supplies for the correct and efficient operation of their equipment.


Their products are sectioned for the industry in different market segments such as automotive, food and chemical-pharmaceutical.  “These 3 market segments occupy supplies from the same plastic sector and continue in permanent growth and development of new technologies; it is there where it results attractive to participate, developing supplies that serve these three industrial segments.”


Finally, Francisco Ramirez mentioned that for 2018 it is shored in the automotive growth, food and pharmaceutical.


DOW Chemical Company


It has a wide range of solutions and products based in technology and innovation for different sectors, one of them are elastomeric, additives for plastics, therefore they launched in Mexico a new line named NORDEL™ EPDM, with which the brans could take advantage of the regulatory demands and from customers by lighter vehicles and with more efficient combustible consumption, which in addition offer attenuation of vibrations, better isolation of external noise and an attractive esthetic.  Carlos Echague, manager of Marketing Elastomers, Adhesives and Transportation for Latin America from DOW mentioned: “the Mexican industry will continue growing and we want to be part of this growth.  Our challenge is to provide solutions in case of elastomers to provide better properties to specific pieces, for example defense, the doors seals or to make hoses, belts, which are fundamental automobile pieces.”




It has different divisions inside the plastics segment, it is one of the largest companies on its kind and this year they launched TREVA, a cellulose resin, which is a derived from renewable softwoods, from forests belonging to the chemical company, what makes the material renewable, in addition of having great transparency and resistance to impacts, mainly it is addressed to ophthalmic and cosmetic markets.


Another innovative material is Tritan, with a patented copolyester, a combination between silicone acids, with 10 years in the market, and had a quick addition process from global customers, and he commented the director of Packaging for Eastman Cosmetics, Ligia Manzano, in the last 5 years took more strength in Mexico, mainly in home appliances, thanks to its great chemical resistance for food, it does not keep odors, flavors and is easy to wash