COMPLET is a 100 % Mexican company founded in 1983, dedicated to the manufacture of power protection equipment being an innovative company that differs for having a high quality in product as well as in service that brings comprehensive solutions to its customers that allows them being more productive.


In 1984 they started manufacturing No Breaks, voltage regulators and other protection systems.  Currently, they already incorporated the manufacture of UPS equipment which are uninterruptible energy that has more advanced characteristics and allow fulfilling a job without interruption of electric equipment as computers, communication equipment, medical and surveillance video.


Tecnologias Unidas, as it was initially called, provides services to the automotive Industry, plastic, textile and mining, likewise it supplies corporates.


Bernardo Fernandez Rivera Rio, general director of the company commented: “We have equipment for the industry that protect and allow the operation of numeric control machines as milling machine and automatic lathes without interruption.  We are also present in measurement equipment used by automotive plants.  Given the conditions of electric energy in Mexico, there are several variations due to the situation of a tropical country, natural elements, shocks; this makes the industrial machines requiring advanced protection systems.”


They decided to settle in Mexico City because it is the economic center of the country, it is well communicated with the States, and it has ease access to reach collection centers of raw material and for product distribution.


COMPLET employs 115 people which produce 25,000 per month, giving a total of 300,000 pieces per year.  The equipment has a guarantee of 5 years; however, they can last up to 20 years and the company provides the maintenance.


For its customers they offer courses and workshops every 3 weeks of installation, technical sales, etc.  Such courses are lectured on its facilities and also in province as in the Bajio, Merida, Monterrey and Guadalajara.


In sustainability terms, COMPLET supports 100 % the environment, using clean manufacturing processes, they not use water and if they do, it is reusable, painting processes are epoxy electrostatic based and there are no solvents.  Added to this, they are certified in ISO 9000-2008 for quality control and with the standards demanded by the authorities.


More information:

Name: Tecnologias Unidas S.A. de C.V.

No. of workers: 115

Matrix: CDMX

Capital: Mexican

Activity: Manufacturing

Parent company: Mexico City