With more than 40 years of history, Psicofarma a 100 % Mexican company from Grupo Neolpharma, announced the beginning of the construction of a new plant of injectable.


This new plant will exceed the 50 million dollars in investment and will generate 500 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect with wages significantly higher than the general average, since highly qualified technicians, engineers and scientist will be recruited.


Psicofarma will manufacture injectable medications with the highest technology available.  For the plant design were hired European engineering firms, in order to comply with the most demanding sanitary regulations aiming to have a platform to contribute to Mexico’s supply and of other countries.


Efren Ocampo Lopez, president and executive director, explained that: “In the new plant, more than 100 different injectable products in ampoules will be produced, likely, we will manufacture pre-filled syringes and we will have the technology to fill biotechnological products.”  He added that ProMexico has been an institution that encourages us to continue investing and set challenges of great magnitude such as to participate in different fairs in other countries.”


Psicofarma will produce 450 million units of the 4 high speed lines that will be installed.  This will significantly increase the capability of Grupo Neolpharma and for that, the expansion towards foreign markets is also projected and machining will be offered to Mexican pharmaceutical companies.


There will be two high specialty solids production lines in a second state; in addition a Pharmaceutical Development Center will be added on its new facilities.


With this plant, Grupo Neolpharma adds to the 5 productive plants that it has in our country: NeolSyM, pharma-chemical plant located in Ecatepec; Nolpharma and Laboratorios Alpharma, responsible of the manufacture of liquid, solids, soft gelatin capsules, semisolids and parental of great volume, located at the Vallejo Industrial Zone; and a oncological plant south the city.


This new project is an example of that Grupo Neolpharma continues expanding its production lines to provide quality solutions and to contribute in the care of Mexican health through a constant evolution.