With the objective of helping innovative companies reaching their potential rapidly, the Automotive Cluster Estado de Mexico held a commercial mission in France and the United Kingdom with Mexican companies giving them the opportunity of establishing relationships with research and development centers, engineering and advanced manufacturing.


In this mission participated companies like Cuprum and Bright Finishing, as well as they had the accompaniment of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Estado de Mexico and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico.


Elisa Crespo, executive president of the ClautEdoMex, said that the clusters must link businessmen with financial institutions, academy, and Government to fulfill better practices in the industry.


Mexico is the second commercial partner of France in Latin America.  Currently, there are more than 500 French companies established in the country and the number will continue growing.


Philippe Garcia, director of Business France Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, announced that several French capital companies are interested in settling in Mexico, mainly from the automotive and aeronautical sector.


“Some of the most innovative companies in the world are settled in Mexico, such as Safran, Airbus, Saint Gobain, and Valeo, among others.  The arrival of these French companies has encouraged the modernization of the Mexican industry and consolidated the arrival of their suppliers to strengthen their supply chain.  We know several French companies are willing to settle in Mexico, and we can talk about the automotive sector with companies like Tier 1 or 3, mainly, in the aeronautic sector, where Airbus, Safran and Bombardier, all those big industrials are sized enough to attract level one, two or three suppliers, for them to invest in Mexico,” said the directive.


During the work tour, the Mexican delegation visited the BPIFrance financing institution which has a priority to make France a great innovative country, helping companies to conquer new markets and be prepared for the future.


Marie Desjonqueres, a representative of the institution for Latin America, said that the firm can support and finance any company in need of capital to continue producing or exporting.  These companies must have a presence in France to access any program in the institution.


“BPIFrance is a financing institution that has the capability of increasing its helping and financing activity almost twice, particularly through the mobilization of Investments program for the future,” said Desjonqueres.


Likewise, the business group gathered with members of Move’o, a group of competitive companies dedicated to future mobility.  At the meeting, there talked aiming to share ideas and experiences in the automotive sector in their respective operation countries.


Elisa Crespo, executive present of ClautEdoMex, said that the Estado de Mexico is a referent of the automotive sector in Mexico and the world and that it is the entity that occupies the first place in manufacturing.  Likewise, she emphasized the automotive programs that are being worked to continue encouraging competitiveness and the technological development of the region.




The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) was established in 2010 as a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) separated with the objective of closing the gap between the academic and industry world, frequently called “The Death Valley.”


Harald Egner, European & research partnerships chief engineer, underlined that throughout this time they have helped hundreds of British companies present around the world to improve the quality of their production processes and of the products and that currently, more than 100 companies are members of MTC.


“We offer solutions of comprehensive manufacturing systems for big and small customers, in so diverse sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, railroad, informatics, food and beverages, construction-civil engineering, electronics, oil and gas, and defense.  Likewise, we help companies in manufacture quicker, at higher quality and low cost, within an agile environment in association with the industry and academic world,” said Egner.




Members of the work tour of the Automotive Cluster Estado de Mexico visited the Department for International Trade (DIT.)


During the meeting were shown the United Kingdom Industry capabilities regarding the automotive sector, especially in new technologies in terms of production, mobility and electric cars.


There were also announced the existing supports of the United Kingdom for companies are able to develop new business schemes as of the sector trends.


Within the Automotive Industry, the United Kingdom has a business of 82 billion pounds, in 2018 manufactured 1.5 million vehicles, produced 2.7 engines, exported 78 % of their vehicles and currently, employs 179,000 people.  Additionally, it is the number one country in luxury car production.


Meanwhile, the Mexican automotive Industry produced, during the same year, 3.9 million cars and exported 3.2 million vehicles, occupying the fourth place of the main exporter countries.


The United Kingdom is the number one country in receiving foreign direct investment, it is in the top 19 of world economies in competitiveness and has 4 universities in the top 10 of the best in the world.


Automotive Visits




Williams Advanced Engineering is the business in technology and engineering services from Williams Group.  The company provides services of innovation, engineering, testing, and world-class manufacturing to offer an efficient performance of energy to customers.


Tommaso Migliuolo, business development associate, said that the company has created very high-performance batteries in the Formula E program, at forefront of performance and battery management.  “Formula E is a test bank for electrification and new technologies that are currently being transferred to vehicle and road car prototypes in awarded projects.”


Meanwhile, Dyrr Ardash, senior commercial manager, said that Williams is using their wide experience in light Formula 1 materials, where lightning can settle a great difference on the runway and other projects to offer new ideas and solutions to the industry.


Horiba Mira


With 73 years of experience, Horiba Mira is the company that provides advisory in engineering, testing, and vehicle development to manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive sector.


Mira allows fulfilling simulated tests of big size and scale, which serves to validate vehicle quality, for them to be safe and have optimum functioning before going into the market.


By using the latest testing facilities and simulation tools, their contribution makes vehicles and traveling safer, cleaner and smarter.


According to their field research and data collected with automotive assemblers, for 2030 they anticipate 125 million electric light cars will be circulating around the world, as the bet is on being more ecologic, efficient and have self-driving technology cars.


Jack Bartlett, global strategic development, explained that “we incorporate thermal advanced models in our solutions to minimize the waste of thermal energy and maximize the efficiency and EV rank.  Our internal software team also develops unique solutions for customers’ applications by using the experience of many in several successful EV programs.  Our approach allows customers keeping the ownership and independence of their system, while our experience reduces time, risk and cost of taking their solution to the market.




The British manufacturer of electric vehicles Arrival has broken the traditional business model of the automotive sector.  It is transforming all the ways vehicles are conceived and manufactured, the assembler designs and produces from zero van type vehicles, it also commercializes them and creates its own components.


These components include engines, battery systems, user interfaces, and software, among others.


In addition, they are developing their own software, for design and production, as well as for maintenance and surveillance of their products.


Glenn Saint, commercial chief in Arrival, revealed that they are assessing to settle an assembly plant, and they are analyzing Nuevo Leon and Mexico City.


Visits to Universities




Brunel University characterizes for having a combination of science, mathematics, and engineering for the development of new designs, improve propulsion systems and aircraft structures.


Although one of its great strengths is offering engineers the practical experience by developing projects for the Aerospace Industry, they also address the electronic industry engineering, manufacturing and automotive.  As well as metal-mechanic and steel.


Brunel University has specialized laboratories for the Industry.  One of them is the BCAST (Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology) where are addressed subjects from intensive sealing to cold casting, materials recycling and dynamic molecular simulations of monolayers. 


Doctor Mark Jones said that BCAST struggles to achieve a sustainable market of metals and provide industries with environmentally friendly metal processing solutions.




Located in the city of Coventry, known as the British automobile sector center, is the research and development center Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG.)


The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG,) is an academic department from Warwick University part of the Catapult program, a network of innovation and research centers in the United Kingdom.


Since its creation in 1980, this center is focused on encouraging the competitiveness of companies through innovation and new technologies implementation.


According to Doctor Nick Mallinson, programme manager, this center catapults innovation in science, technology, and engineering through the collaboration between the academy and the public and private sectors.


He explained that WMG provides companies with advice on innovation and design and the development of products and processes that add value and contribute to competitive advantages.