Doctor Eduardo Solis, president of AMIA, announced that the figures for car production obtained an increase giving a total of 2 million 170 thousand 732 units produced from January to July in 2017, compared to the same period of 2016 in which they emphasized one million 958 thousand 368 vehicles; which gave a variation of 10.8 %, achieving the highest figure recorded for a period of 7 months in Mexico.

Regarding the month of July, the car production increased by 0.7 % reaching 286 thousand 417 units, with a difference of 2 thousand 19, in relation to July 2016, which gave a total of 284 thousand 398 cars produced in the country.

In exports the numbers were favorable for the seventh month of the year with 243 thousand 56 exported units, generating a growth of 7.8 %. This dynamism continues to show in the period from January to July reaching a record in exports of new vehicles of one million 756 thousand 390 cars exported for a growth of 13.1%.

The United States is the main export destination, with a participation of 76.4 % in the period from January to July, for a growth of 14 %; Canada is the second in the ranking with 153 thousand 112 units which gives a share of 8.7 % and Germany contributes 2.9 % in third place.

Dr. Solis commented: “Analyzing what is happening with North America we can see that Mexico's growth is of 14 % in that market that is falling, as in July we grew 4.6 %, while the United States fell 7.1 %; that is to say, we are seeing an increase in the participation of the new Mexican vehicles in the total of cars sold in that country.”

Regarding domestic sales, despite the fall in July with 122 thousand 110 cars compared to 131 thousand 764 that were sold in 2016, from January to July were sold a total of 865 thousand 161 vehicles in the country with a variation of 1.4 %.

“It is important to remember that the national balance, that is, the trade balance from Mexico as a country has a deficit of two hundred and seventy-one million dollars, given thanks to the super habitat in the automotive sector. With this there is no doubt that this industry is growth engine, but also an instrument in the stabilization of our economy” emphasized the president of AMIA.

Finally, the director mentioned that the headquarters of the Association was the venue for a working meeting of the Ministry of Economy with the Strategic Advisory Council for International Negotiations, where Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo exchanged views on the negotiation process for the modernization of the North America Free Trade Agreement, as well as other ongoing trade negotiations.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry presented the negotiating team coordinated by the Undersecretary Juan Carlos Baker Pineda, Kenneth Smith Ramos as Chief Negotiator and Salvador Behar Lavalle as Deputy Chief Negotiator.  Where Dr. Solis will be present as a member of the Strategic Advisory Council of International Negotiations to chair the table representing new vehicles.