Audi Mexico celebrated in the Training Center of Audi Mexico facilities in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, the first generation of apprentices graduated from their Dual Professional Formation Program.


This program started in 2015 and is inspired in the German system of dual education based in 20 % theoretical knowledge and 80 % practical experience in plant.


One of the objectives is to provide graduates with more employment options and answer to the needs of the labor market.  Once their study program ends, apprentices that satisfactory conclude receive a job offer in Audi Mexico.


The first generation is integrated by 49 youngsters, from different states of Mexico.  During the program youngsters acquired professional knowledge such as PLC technology, pneumatic, hydraulics, machining; as well as social and personal competences, such as punctuality, behavior and teamwork.


On the other hand, the end of formation of 88 apprentices was celebrated, also from Audi Mexico, who studied their program in Volkswagen Group Academy; due to that when they started the program, the Audi plant in Puebla was in construction.  These last ones were part of the fourth and fifth generation.  It is expected that next year 80 apprentices approximately will enter per generation.


At Audi plant in Puebla is built the Audi Q5 for the world market.  The startup of production was held on September 30th, 2016 with the opening of the assembler in Puebla.  Currently, more than 5,000 workers are working in Audi Mexico.


Andreas Zelzer, vice-president of human resources of Audi Mexico, said that this graduation represents the result of the great work of youngsters to train and seek labor growth options.  “There are 49 apprentices that get out for the first time from the training center to enter our workforce.  It is an honor to be here and be a witness of the end of a cycle for you, three years of effort, learning and many experiences.  One stage ends which generate mixed feelings, this will fill them with personal and professional satisfaction, and all of you have the necessary tools to go out into the labor work.  You know closely the production of a modern automotive industry.”

Likewise, he said that in order to make this program a reality they work in the concept of the triple axis: Government, company and academy.  “These youngsters have the knowledge to produce our Q5.  In Germany the dual program is very common and shows satisfactory results.  For us it is a big satisfaction to see that this dual program is successfully developed for Audi Mexico and the Universidad Tecnologica de Puebla (UTP.)”


Zelzer finished saying that Audi Mexico needs young minds like these graduates and invites them to live the values of Audi and be part of this “big family.”


Meanwhile, Alfons Dintner, president of Audi Mexico, reported that he is also a graduate of the Audi training program in Germany with honorable mention.  “Thanks to this experience, I was encouraged to study a second career at Audi as an engineer.  This professional training I acquired helps me as CEO at Audi Mexico to solve problems in a structured and ambitious way, although sometimes it can be a bit painful and time consuming, I was one of you.  Be confident in that you are ready to start your professional career.  Audi Mexico needs young people like you.”


As of today, Audi Mexico has 285 contracted dual program graduates, a 95 % contracting quota that will produce premium brand cars.


Andreas Lehe, vice-president of Production and Logistics at Audi Mexico, said: “The apprenticeship program for the production and logistics area is part of Audi's strategy as an attractive employer that has implemented actions focused on personal, professional and family development of the workers of the plant in Mexico.  Apprentices for three years have acquired professional knowledge, social and personal skills, as well as observation skills and to be aware of the importance of processes definition and attention to details.  I am very happy and confident in having the best workers in the production of our Q5.  Its insertion in Audi Mexico is very important to develop their work in the different areas and the adaptation to new technologies in the plant.  Welcome to the great family of Audi Mexico!”


Puebla is not only characterized as an industrial destination, it has also become an important university destination as it is the third entity with the highest number of schools offering higher education services in the country.


This program offers the opportunity to acquire skills related to the production processes of the automotive sector, this allows them to immediately integrate into working life.  Dual education has been adopted in European countries, as well as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, etc.




The Training Center of Audi Mexico in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, offers training courses that are taught under the German dual system to interns, apprentices, Audi employees, external suppliers, in the following areas: Automotive technology, robotics, automation, mechatronics, induction and languages.


The center is equipped with laboratories in Lean center, bearings, electronics, welding, Phoenix Contact PLC, Siemens PLC, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics, bodywork, metrology, painting, car technology and robotics.

The training that is given to the apprentices is from teachers who had a recruitment process by Audi Mexico and training in Germany.


The dual training consists of 5 careers to which young people can apply.  Youngsters with completed high school between 15 and 18 years can apply to production mechanics.  For the other 4 are young people with high school concluded between 19 and 21 years: mechatronics, automotive mechatronics, body mechanics or tool mechanics


Each of the careers has lasts three years divided into 2.  They are trained in the center of specialization and in the second stage are within learning stations in the plant.  Upon completion, they obtain certification from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP, by its Spanish initials) and the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, A.C. (CAMEXA, by its Spanish initials) with the possibility of being hired by Audi Mexico according to their results.


Youngsters applying have an average above 8.5; the call is announced once a year during February and March through the web.


All instructors are Mexican, trained in Germany and know the formation required on each one of them.


The certification provided has national and international validity and the advantages are having the opportunity to be hired by Audi, they are given the support of transportation, food and monthly financial support, during the first stage they are from Monday to Friday and in the Second stage exchange turns.