Sypris Technologies, an ally of the automotive industry 

Heavy vehicles sale in Mexico increased 11.5 % in June 2017 regarding 2016.  The industry commercialized 3,801 units in the sixth month last year, against the 3,408 trucks in 2016.  With such figure, the sector reached the best sales semester in the last 8 years.


Likewise, ANPAT (National Association of Buses and Tractors Producers) informed that during the first ten months of 2017 was reached a total of 95,907 units exported, registering a 4.5 percent growth.


The Industry of heavy vehicles is responsible of the generation of 25 thousand direct jobs and provides 5.1 % of the manufacturing GDP.  Currently, Mexico is the fourth exporter of heavy vehicles and the second exporter of fifth wheel tractors worldwide.


Before this situation, auto-parts companies were also benefited in sales of wholesale products for this industry division; however, the company Sypris Technologies highlights by its high standard of professionalism and quality.


Since its arrival to Mexico in 1964 with the construction of its plant in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, and with more than 50 years inside the automotive industry, Sypris Technologies is a leading company in the manufacturing of components and products for axis and tractors, transmissions, rear truck axis, complicated arrows of transmission of premium vehicles, forging and machining.


They manufacture 850 thousand semi-axes annually for five different customers, much of its production is exported, but the strong market is the national due to the great growth the automotive industry regarding heavy and cargo vehicles.


Although its industrial activity is purely automotive, they have expanded to offer services to the energy sector and agricultural with innovative and efficient products, in addition of high quality.


Their presence in Estado de Mexico it has been the result of a continuous growth and innovation in the issue of cargo transportation.  They bet on new ideas and new approaches.  Their mission is to become the main partner in the supply chain on each one of its main markets.  To achieve this, they keep close and receptive relationships with their customers aiming to continuously improve their competitiveness within the market.


The company has three key pillars for its success: products innovation, receive new ideas from talented people and human development.


The first bet in innovation was to create the Development Center with the support of CONACyT, starting with the virtual development of new products and processes; this means, customers arrive with an idea of what they want and Sypris makes a virtual replica.


Federico Aviles, general manager, said: “We have always bet on innovation.  Regarding industry 4.0 we have many of our process automated, all the technologies we use are generated by ourselves and we have highly trained people to operate it.”




Sypris was one of the first companies in trusting the project when it was still not totally concreted.  Thanks to their support, today Clautedomex has helped them with new talents and in developing a worktable to increase its productivity.


“Clautedomex is a very important column that has helped us to learn what is happening outside the world, to be linked with organizations and be learning what is taking place in the industrial world,” said Federico Aviles.




They have a project underway called Sypris University, which is a kind of formation in order for their people to continue growing with the operative excellence column, with a series of formation subjects that have to do a lot with lean manufacturing  and that can take them from being operators to excellence team leaders and be the future operations managers.


About 380 people work at the plant in Toluca, which receive a constant training to offer a service 100 % effective, in addition the company supports them with programs in order for them to continue developing professionally.


“We are approaching together with the cluster to schools to attract youngster willing and very capable to work in the automotive industry.  A kind of dual education,” Federico said.


Regarding the environmental issue, Federico Aviles said that they are certified as Clean Industry, and the next year they will have the ISO 14000.


“It has been a year of important growth for us; we are multiplying the size of our company by 5 in three years.  A challenging growth and the approach we are bringing is to continue successfully implementing the new programs we have, continue with the approach of the Sypris system of operative excellence and continue working the human part,” ended Federico Aviles, general manager.


In 2004, Sypris signed a 10 years agreement with the Mexican company DANA to manufacture their products, but by the end of this contract, in 2014, companies entered in a transition where they decided to separate.


Thus, Sypris went from being a manufacturing Company, to a company that generates new developments and incorporates new patented products.




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