With an investment of 340 million pesos, the company ZF Ocupant Safety from La Laguna officially started operations last March 6 in Gomez Palacio, Durango; achieving to provide new job opportunities for the people of Gomez Palacio and expanding the industrial range of the Comarca Lagunera, area growing exponentially in the industrial environment.

At the plant installed in the Connectivity Industrial Park in Gomez Palacio, at the ejido El Vergel, operate the processes of laser cut, air bags sewing, safety belts assembly parts, products not commercialized in North America and in the Mexican internal market to seven different customers.  In addition, the final assembly of air bags modules will be starting soon.

ZF OSS from La Laguna belongs to the safety division of Grupo ZF, leader in the manufacture of transmissions and chassis; active and passive safety systems.

At the company opening ceremony, both the governor of Durango, Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, and Leticia Herrera Ale, mayor of Gomez Palacio; public servants and members of the private initiative, in addition to Jesus Gomez, manager of the Laguna plant and Michael Buechsner, global and corporate vice-president, who were in charge of the ribbon cutting and giving official notice to this new plant that will employ more than 1,200 people from La Laguna.

At his speech, the Jesus Gomez encouraged his workers to excel, as they will have the support of ZF at all times.

“If you do not have a university degree or a finished career, gentlemen, the key word are discipline and commitment, with that any of you can aspire to a successful career within this company.  Try to fall in love with the work they do, or even better if they have the opportunity to choose a job to which you can fall in love with, few things in life are better than enjoy going to work every Monday morning,” said the plant manager Laguna.

Meanwhile, Jose Rosas Aispuro stressed that Gomez Palacio is prepared to receive this type of business, because it has all the necessary conditions.

“It is a great pleasure for the Government to be present today in the opening of this new company, which represents excellent news for Gomez Palacio, for La Laguna and the entire state of Durango, especially because it improves our industrial infrastructure, since this is the best sign that in La Laguna we have prepared ourselves to generate the conditions both in infrastructure, as in fundamental aspects for the success of a company that is human capital,” explained the Durango official.

“The company, dedicated to the manufacturing of automotive safety components with a global presence, will be a benchmark for employment generation in La Laguna and Durango,” he said.

He reiterated the support provided to entrepreneurs not only to preserve the initial investment, but so that they can continue growing, investing and generating jobs, since if there is employment there will be development, and that is the most important objective for the Municipal, Federal and State Government.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Gomez Palacio said that the growth and economic development of the municipality is constantly sought, with benefits for its inhabitants and a possibility of jobs that allow having better life conditions.

“The jobs are not generated by the Government, they are generated by companies and therefore we are looking for investors, so that they turn to see Gomez Palacio as their main option, because it has the necessary characteristics to do business and we are beneficed because they come to create jobs,” explained Leticia Herrera Ale.

In this sense, he added a feature of the municipal administration that has been the search for greater economic development, the creation of sources of well-paid and stable employment, which is why they have worked tirelessly in order to achieve this benefit.

On this inertia of economic development, the businessman Manuel Bitar Canavatti noted in his opportunity that Gomez Palacio growth is inevitable.


The ZF Group was born in 1915 in Germany and after the acquisition of the ARALMEX buffers’ company; it arrived in Mexico and Guadalajara in 1997.

Mexico, with its six administrative, of distribution and production units, is the second largest country for the Grupo ZF, regarding the number of workers, since it has more than 16,000 employees in more than 20 plants distributed in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and El Salto, in Jalisco; as well as Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, in the state of Chihuahua; in addition to Toluca, in the Estado de Mexico; Cienega de Flores, in Nuevo Leon; Santa Rosa and El Marques, in Queretaro; Reynosa, in Tamaulipas; Ramos Arizpe, in Coahuila and the new plant in Gomez Palacio, Durango.

In January 2017 ZF Ocupant Safety de la Laguna started operations with 25 workers; to date it has generated more than 1,300 direct jobs, 120 indirect jobs and 90 administrative personnel.

Meanwhile, worldwide, the German company has 136,820 workers in more than 230 locations in 40 countries, becoming one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide.

According to the data provided, in 2016 the sales generated exceeded 35 million euros; 80 % of this figure obtained thanks to the segments of automobiles and low tonnage transport.

The mission of this company is to help protect people on roads and highways, ensuring quality as a priority since it is the basis of success.

Its quality policy is to always do things right the first time, and continuously improve, your products must work at the right time and for what they were designed, since it is vital at crucial moments.


Safety, quality, productivity and teamwork is the daily work of ZF OSS personnel, in order to satisfy their customers, assuming social responsibility as an integral part of a corporate culture, participating in different national and international initiatives, as well as in projects in areas of education, social affairs, culture and environmental protection, which speaks of the social quality of this company.



One of the areas that show greater industrial growth in recent years is the Comarca Lagunera, because this area, integrated by the municipalities of Torreon and Viesca, of Coahuila, as well as Gomez Palacio and Lerdo, of Durango has come to be considered as one of the younger conurbations and higher growth rate in Mexico thanks to the constant arrival of large companies.