Wolverine Estampados de Coahuila is a company of American origin and capital established in Ramos Arizpe since 2010 and is dedicated to the manufacturing of pieces for the automotive industry as well as for home appliances.

The company started in 1957 in Saint Joseph, Michigan.

“Wolverine has three plants in the United States, two in Michigan and one in North Carolina, as well as the one in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, which just was expanded, and we produce metal stamping pieces for the automotive industry and for home appliances,” said Jose Angel Cerda, human resources manager of the Coahuila plant.

“We have as a mission the commitment of being leaders in the manufacture of components and metallic sets, provide complete satisfaction to customers through the continuous improvement and exceed the quality expectations, competitive cost, promoting the wellbeing of employees and the community, guaranteeing an economic compensation to our shareholders,” he added.

After being established for almost a decade in the region, Wolverine directives reached the determination of expanding their facilities in a 100 % since from the 76,000 square feet with which started operations at the beginning of the decade, in 2018 had 150,000 square feet of surface, bringing thus presses from Australia, which will imply a growth from 150 workers to 250 employees approximately

The pieces manufactured in the southeast area of Coahuila have as destination customers such as Whirlpool, Adient, Metalsa, among others and according to Jose Angel Cerda, the final product reaches different parts of the world through prestigious companies.

“Al of our products are for international companies and end being part of companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Chrysler which in turn end in the United States, Europe and Asia,” he explained.

Regarding today and future plans, Wolverine deposits its confidence in the recent expansion hoping to generate more dividends.

“Our approximate sales are of 2 million dollars per month and with the expansion we expect an increase of 2.5 million dollars.  This plant produces between 80 and 120 different pieces for the automotive industry and for the home appliances industry are of stamping,” he detailed.

“That being said, the challenge on short term is the installation of two presses of more capacity to increase the volumes, increase our qualified workforce.  In a long term one of our objectives is to expand the brand to the southern and center part of the country,” said the human resources manager.

Within the achievements as a company is that Wolverine has been awarded several times for its customers.

“We have received quality awards from Adient and Metalsa, for our timely deliver even in an extraordinary manner, they have recognized their satisfaction,” he underlined.

While in certifications and environmental regulations, the American company Wolverine is about to be certified under the IATF in the quality system, as well as in the ISO 14000 regarding safety and environment.



The human resources manager listed the factors that took them to settle in Coahuila, mainly highlighting the workforce capability.

“Among one of the advantages of being in the southeast region of Coahuila is the geographic area, we are installed in a strategic place in which we are a supplier that we can distribute our products quicker and efficiently, in addition of workforce quality in the area is enough.  It is mainly that, a qualified workforce with a good competitive wage expectation, for us is very valuable, we believe that we are a good option for the workforce existing in the geographic area,” he ended.