Whirlpool: best place to work spinning manufactures in Mexico

From Ramos Arizpe to the world


Whirlpool, a company that has long been synonymous of quality in home appliance technology, was installed in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, in 2005 and since then has not stopped growing and innovating.


Humberto de Barros Silva, plant manager at Whirlpool Ramos Arizpe, commented that in this modern industrial warehouse, which exports mainly to the United States, refrigerators of different models is manufactured using technology side by side or what it is known as refrigerators of two thermostats.


“At the plant all processes are semi-automated and we have modern equipment in all procedures to have greater productivity, as well as excellent quality in design and innovation,” said the manager.


He also emphasized that the plant serves a specific market, as there are many consumer differences. “In North America, for example, the United States likes big products, so we have a nearby plant that does not have so much logistic cost to deliver it near the market.”


The raw material used is brought from countries such as China, 40 percent, the United States 30 percent and Mexico the other 30 percent, as the company prefers to have a distributed supplier base.


At present, the plant has 3000 workers, so the manager pointed out that for Whirlpool the staff is something of a priority.


“Something essential is to offer our personnel a fair compensation, so we have to work on three pillars of leadership, to have opportunity for growth through their knowledge, development and work environment, is a chain of help,” he said.


In addition, Barros Silva acknowledged that they cannot be unrelated to competitiveness, since currently in the region there is a very large platform of trained people and more and more companies are being installed, “we are concerned, but also this drives us to have greater competence and capacity technique to retain our people through challenges.”


WPS Model

WPS (Whirlpool Production System) is the manufacturing model that has been implemented in the company, since all plants of Whirlpool in the world have a standard, which is the way the company ensures that its products leave with quality at the best cost and with safety for its workers.


“WPS is a composite of many manufacturing know-how, from job security, environmental cost, people development, quality, logistics, early involvement in the production of new products and we call them technical pillars that are led by an expert who goes to study and exchange ideas to apply it,” said Barros Silva.


He also indicated that the WPS model is made up of 10 technology and 10 management pillars that help support the world and resolve problems among all members of the company.


“The management pillars provide sustainability, because they are committed with the organization, management, conditions of cost and time.”


Whirlpool on a global level

The company was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA, 114 years ago and today is considered one of the largest manufacturers of appliances in the world, as in each region it has its competition and competitiveness.  In the world market it is the first of all companies of household appliances.


According to Great Place to Work, an institute that does a worldwide study involving about five thousand companies, recognizes the best places of work presenting an annual list, where last year Whirlpool was the ninth manufacturing company, but this one Year holds the first place as a manufacturing company.