After months of construction, the German company Voss Automotive de Mexico opened its plant at SERVER Industrial Park located in the southeast area of Coahuila, where its production and management operation migrated from Ramos Arizpe where they were located since 2011.

The company has production lines at its new facilities where they manufacture connectors, valves, assemblies for emissions systems, fluids, refrigerator, fluid air suspension for the automotive industry, commercial and passengers’ vehicles.

At the opening ceremony, Thomas Roethig, Voss Automotive CEO, highlighted that the company continues betting on Mexico, as they believe that the country has a promising future and an excellent workforce.

Regarding the aforementioned, he added that in the six years of operations the company has in Coahuila 1,427 million pesos have been invested.  Moreover he added that currently they have 420 employees but they expect to open another 300 vacancies gradually.

“Coahuila has providing us the support for the development of our workers and their families, that is why we know we arrive to this State to stay,” said Roethig, who explained that the support from the authorities was one of the reasons why they decided to expand their operations in Mexico.




Jesus Arturo Navarro Pimentel, plant director, mentioned that the investment made was of 250 million pesos and that this year 1.5 million lines will be produced for the reductive catalytic system, what equivalent to 30 % more than in 2016, and anticipated that in 2018 will be 20 % more than in the current year.

“We have the objective of increasing from seven to 12 million pieces per year in an approximate time of three years,” said the company’s directive, who added that 70 % of the company’s production is exported to the United States and the other 30 % is commercialized in assemblers from the local automotive cluster and from the state of Nuevo Leon.

On the other hand, David O’Neill, senior manager in South and West Area of Daimler Truck in North America, mentioned the success that Voss Automotive had when expanding its facilities located in Coahuila.  “We are very happy of its expansion in Arteaga because it is going to be exporting to the entire North America, the company made an important investment to expand its production in this plant,” he noted.


Eduardo Vultorius, CEO Voss NAFTA, mentioned that being installed in Coahuila has been one of the best company’s decisions, from which he highlighted that its success lies in the work capacity, the international environment and the support to diversity.

“The key of our success lays in the capacity of working in an intercultural environment that supports diversity and inclusion as the only and best way of doing things,” he emphasized.

Respect to NAFTA agreements, Vultorius mentioned that they have allowed a commercial dynamic in which Mexico and the United States could Exchange products in a less restricted manner.  “There will be some changes in the agreement, what could benefit both countries,” he noted.


In 1931, the engineer Hermann Voss founded a small manufacture in Wipperfurt, Germany to produce domestic pluming devices.  Afterwards, in 1953, he started the production of pipes connections for mechanical engineering and vehicle construction.

The company grew until 1972 when it became international with the funding of distribution companies in France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.  Thus, Voss was the company introducing the first plug-in system (240) in the world for compressed air brakes, being its first client the MAN company.

Currently, Voss Automotive has 3,900 employees worldwide and carries on the production on its plants in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico and Poland with identical processes according to its manufacture principles.

The company has international experience from the prototype to serial models in production of modules and pre-assembly lines, as well as the assembly of plug-in elements, valves and sensors.