Victor Alfonso Grajeda Acevedo is a clear example of constancy and improvement, as in the upcoming months will have 17 years of providing his services to the company Plastics Flambeau, in Saltillo, Coahuila in the most professional way.

Grajeda Acevedo, is 34 years old, he is originally from Mazapil, Zacatecas, found his first labor opportunity in Plastics Flambeau on October 1st 2001 performing the operator position.  It is worth noticing that the company barely had two years of being established in Saltillo and the industry just started its growth in the southeast area of Coahuila.

As time passed by, Victor’s skills made him grow professionally and taking biggest challenges within the company.

“My desire to improve myself made me grow and become a storekeeper inside the same company, afterwards as mold mounter and later I became processes technician,” Grajeda said.

A great jump was given when they offered them the confidence of becoming supervisor where together with the rest of the team routed Flambeau to comply the settled objectives.

Currently, Victor performs as coordinator of blow, injection and Tool Room processes, being one of the employees with greater seniority in Plastics Flambeau.

Growing plans for the Victor do not stop, since they seek taking more challenges within the company, but he is aware that requirements are bigger.  “My goal is to achieve being area manager, for this I have to continue preparing,” said optimistically.

Among the great benefits the company has brought, with which he has grown together not only professionally, but personally, as he has raised a family, he has had the opportunity to know other latitudes.

“I have had the opportunity of traveling to Wisconsin, especially to Baraboo, which is where Flambeau’s corporate is located, where I have gone to validate new models.  In addition of going to Cincinnati to validate a new machine,” he explained.