Six students from the Universidad Tecnologica de Torreon (UTT) continue in competition to achieve the international mobility scholarship Mexprotec and study for a year (school period 2019-2020) in some engineering institution in France, by fulfilling the necessary requirements and reach the final round.

UTT students that reached the final round this year are Paola Romero, who studies the TSU career in Industrial Processes; Sandra Ramirez, from TSU in Administration; Omar Hernandez, in TSU in Mechanics; as well as TSU students in Mechatronics: Daniel Solis, Fausto Vitela, and Roberto Lara.

Mexprotec is a scholarship provided by SEP through the Undersecretary of Higher Education (SES, by its Spanish initials,) the National Coordination of Higher Education Scholarships (CNBES, by its Spanish initials,) the General Coordination of Technological and Polytechnic Universities (CGUTyP, by its Spanish initials.) 

It calls University Higher Technician level students (TSU, by its Spanish initials) to study abroad, additionally, it is an opportunity for students to be trained in technological areas, and for them to contribute, on their return, improving the socioeconomic level in their universities environment.

Francisco Manuel Osorio, undersecretary of Medium and High Education in Coahuila, highlighted that the six La Laguna students were chosen from more than 1,000 students applying nationally.

He explained that they have been through a series of filters to obtain one of the 200 scholarships, for that they have to have a high average and B1 French level, according to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and successfully approve the face-to-face interview before a French-Mexican panel of experts, who will decide if the candidate is suitable or not to obtain the scholarship.


On the other hand, an agreement was signed between the Institute of Scholarships and Educational Credits of Coahuila and different universities, aiming to grant 50 to 100 % scholarships for high academic average students.

Josefina Ayup, institute director, detailed that the agreement was signed with La Laguna Region universities, but it will be also done with institutions from the southeast, center and northern regions.

She noted that La Laguna reached the participation of 15 universities, among which highlight the ITESM, the Universidad Autonoma del Noreste (UANE,) the Universidad Autonoma de Durango (UAD,) among others.