Aiming to addressing important subjects for both borders, Coahuila shared the venue of the trinational commercial alliance of Mexico, United States and Canada, with the Annual Conference Ports to Plains, celebrated in Ciudad Acuna and Del Rio, Texas where governors of the three countries attended.


The twenty-first annual conference of the industrial transportation alliance was attended by the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme; the mayor of Del Rio, Texas, Bruno Lozano; as well as the mayor of Acuna, Roberto de los Santos Vazquez, among other authorities.


According to Riquelme Solis, the Annual Conference of the Alliance Ports To Plains this time mainly focused in strategies and customs permits, renewable energies and the alliance between the cities of Acuna and Del Rio.


The state official said that the subjects to be addressed in this kind of events are a priority and for that they explained the importance of promoting the Ports To Plains, which allows both populations exhibiting on the construction of a second international bridge, as well as a railroad bridge to impulse the development of infrastructure for both cities.


After the mayor of Acuna, Roberto de los Santos, welcomed the participants on this worktable, Alberto Morales Arechavaleta, Central Administrator of Customs Equipment and Infrastructure, spoke to announce the progress regarding the update of the facilities from the border city.


Renewable energies were an important issue on this annual conference, therefore the external affairs manager of the company Enel Green Power Mexico, Rafael Burgos Aguilar presented the subject “Building renewable energies in Mexico’s market.”


Likewise, the progress of the connection Mazatlan-Acuna/Del Rio was discussed, in charge of Rodrigo Andrade Aguilar, coordinator of Economic Promotion from the Ministry of Economic Development of the State of Sinaloa.


Taking advantage of the visit of the mayor Roberto de los Santos led to know representatives of the United States and Canada the Amistad Hydroelectric Dam, which produces 66 Megawatts, one of the big works for Acuna.


Ports to Plains is a coalition integrated by more than 275 members of Chamber of Commerce, cities, counties, economic development agencies, companies, colleges and universities from Mexico, United States and Canada, created with the objective of increasing the commerce in those countries.