Great opportunities do not usually arrive more than once, that is why Susana Zazueta did not miss the occasion to enter the industry, fact that today has her working for Whirlpool Ramos Arizpe as plant director.

Born in Mexico City, but living in Veracruz since childhood, Susana studied Industrial Engineering in the Universidad Cristobal Colon, of Veracruz, to later studying a master’s degree in Administration at the ITESM Campus Monterrey.

After working in the marketing area for a consultancy company and in the communication department of the Tec de Monterrey, Susana decided to start her career in the industry, at the first working opportunity in Whirlpool, being part of the Ramos Arizpe plant layout, “I was part of the project, it was a very good opportunity for me, since I learned a lot,” she described.

Eventually, Susana Zazueta becomes a leading part of the Continuous Improvement area for Mexico, having under her charge engineers in such a department.  After 8 years, she was promoted to the Finances area, working around 4 months because in Ramos Arizpe a production manager position opened, this was her first direct incursion in the plant, which included a period of 4 years.

“It was one of the best learning I have had an unexpectedly the opportunity was given of taking the position of plant director in Whirlpool Plastics, I am learning much and then I came to Ramos as plant responsible and I have been here one year and four months,” she explained.

Her career has taken her to win awards such as Best Leader in the region, which she obtained in 2018 thanks to her work in the Ramos Arizpe plant.

“I thank Whirlpool with all my heart, first because they hired me without having experience in the industry, to continue to trust me, betting on new challenges.  This plant, in particular, has many exhibitions in North America and Latin America, for giving me the responsibility of this plant, being the first and only production manager in Mexico,” said regarding her company.

Regarding her future plans, Susana Zazueta has in mind to continue in the organization, promptly in the Ramos Arizpe plant, where she said that she would like to continue leading for more years to see reflected the work of the team that is in her charge.