The project to formalize Industry 4.0 in Coahuila continues to grow, since with the signing of its members was consolidated the conformation of the HUB Coahuila – Innovation 4.0, Civil Association that will be available for the industrial  sector to enrich the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.
HUB implementation is part of the Coahuila Innovation 4.0 Project, created by the business sector with the support of CANACINTRA Coahuila Southeast, the Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo and the participation of the state administration from the governor Miguel Angel Riquelme.

HUB’s legal integration was given with the signing of the Constitutive Act among the director of ITS, Arnoldo Solis; the president of the Chamber, Everardo Padilla; and the secretary of Economy, Jaime Guerra Perez, this before the Notary Public number 52, Maria Elena Orozco Aguirre.
The linkage of the industrial sector, academic and governmental allows progressing in the Project for the implementation of Industry 4.0, in the first instance on the Southeast Region.

HUB 4.0 will be offering SMEs training and specialized technical equipment, with inclusion on Test Rig and innovation agenda for small and medium enterprises.

Protagonists of the firm agreed in the project progresses slowly on its consolidation and operation, and underlined that the new organism was created to support companies of all sizes, with customized services to reach the productivity and competitiveness demanded by industry currently.
“If we want to continue promoting competitiveness in the State, we have to continue joining efforts and what better than through the academy, of professors’ formation,” said Jaime Guerra Perez.
Meanwhile, Alfonso Solis highlighted the work of ITS in the formation of professors and said that there is an authorized resource through Prosoft program for the execution of these projects by 9 million pesos.

“We as institution will be training professors becoming experts that will transmit their knowledge in Industry 4.0, this is only the beginning of the project,” said the director of Tec Saltillo.
The program is planned to be replicated throughout the State and small, medium and big companies will be joining.  The project also includes the creation of technological parks in Saltillo and Torreon.