As result of the confidence on region’s workforce, as well as strategic advantages provided by geographic location, the Korean company Sangsin Brake opened its first plant in Arteaga, in which they invested initially 35 million dollars, with an objective of 70 million dollars on a second plant to generate 350 jobs.

The Asian automotive company, produces brake shoe pads for automobiles’ brake system and their customers are KIA Motors in Monterrey, in addition of exporting to the spare parts market in the United States, therefore their installation at Servier Industrial Park in Arteaga responds to an efficient logistics strategy.

The plant has a surface of 40,323 square meters and began operations last June, producing 800,000 units on its first months, anticipating manufacturing one million pieces by the end of the year, to later reach 1.5 million units.
At his opening message, Hyo II Kim, president of Sangsin Brake, said that they decided to settle in Coahuila due to the great advantages they offer.  Making it their new home in the country.

“The world automotive industry has recently seen that production and sales have suffer changes.  As result of this, competition is becoming fiercer, and to overcome this, differentiated strategies are required such as timely production, quality improvement and pricing competitiveness.  To achieve this, I am asking all our employees to think this is their life place and be members of our family,” he said.
Meanwhile, Un Soo Kim, company president in Mexico, said that they are proud of entering together with KIA Motors to the most important market in Central America (Mexico,) and will make everything possible to quickly serve the different needs of their customers.
Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, governor of the State, was in charge of receiving the Korean directives providing them the confidence to operate in the Southeast Region of Coahuila.

The state official told this company’s directives they are arriving in a great region, which has consolidated with an automotive cluster nationwide profiling as the best in the northern area of the country.
“Today, in Coahuila you can find several factors that settle productivity and the necessary competitiveness of any company in any State of the Country: qualified workforce and trained personnel,” said Riquelme Solis.
“In Coahuila we join efforts for companies choosing our entity do well, and for its employees have the training needed to establish the competitiveness required by their company to enter into the world market,” said Riquelme Solis on his message, remembering the conditions under which Coahuila Agreement was signed, which has a great meaning inside the global world.
He emphasized that the State is getting ready for the future, to face tomorrow’s challenges, and whished success to the Asian company for they to announce expansion projects soon.

Meanwhile, Everardo Duran Flores, mayor of Arteaga, emphasized that industrial era is unstoppable in his municipality, and with the support of companies as Sangsin Brake will continue to grow on firm steps.
“What was previously a property without life, now is a wellness site for the community and the industrial sector of our municipality.  Qualified workforce in Arteaga is the most important value for our companies,” he noted.


As soon as the first Sangsin Brake plant opened in Mexico, the Asian company president explained his plans of expansion at medium term on a second industrial building in the same property of Server Industrial Park, in Arteaga.
“We have projected the construction of another plant in 3 or 4 years, rounding the 70 million dollars investment.  In the future, the Mexican corporation Sangsin Brake promises to continue growing and responding to Mexico and our customers support,” noted Hyo II Kim.


Founded in 1953 under the name of Sangsin Chemical Industry, the company began as South Korea OIU main supplier, for then become a leading company in brake systems worldwide, representing immediate competitiveness in that time automotive industry.
Since the establishment of Sansing brake Industrial Corporation in 1975, Sangsin Brake has researched and developed brake pads in a tailored and specialized manner, covers and other vehicle friction materials for more than 40 years.

With a management philosophy that prioritizes quality, Sangsin Brake has centered on brakes to become an expert in friction materials.  During its history, the Korean company has cooperated with German and Japanese companies, developing advanced technologies, which have incorporated to their friction brakes products.  These different business and technological cooperation agreements have been fundamental for Sansing Brake become the largest and main manufacturer of brake bands in Korea.

In consequence, Sangsin Brake not only has manufactured materials and service pieces for KIA Motors, Hyundai, GM, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong, among other automobiles manufacturers, it also has sold its own brands like HI-Q, Hagen and Hardron to national and foreign companies in more than 90 countries, becoming thus the largest brakes manufacturer from of Korea.
Nowadays, Sangsin Brake has plants in South Korea, China, India, in addition of having sales corporate offices in the United States and Middle East, with more than 100 intellectual properties worldwide.


Among the guests invited to the opening ceremony were purchase manager of KIA Motors Mexico, Chang Pyo Hong; in addition of the president of Hyundai Mobis Mexico, Koangree Cho.
The representative of KIA assembler in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon said that the Korean company currently fulfills purchase to almost 20 companies settled in Coahuila.

He detailed that among the products they supply from Coahuila are brake systems, aluminum and plastics, underlining companies such as Sangsin Brake, Hyundai Politech and MKDC Kodaco, among other companies.