With an investment greater than 81 million pesos, Grupo Senda bought 54 new units “Dina RUNNER 10” to serve the San Luis Potosi market, mainly the workers from the company Cummins.


The acquisition was fulfilled through the personnel transportation area Senda Citi, and by the end of 2018 they are planning to add another 100 units aiming to continue offering customers: quality and security in their journeys.


“They placed their confidence in us, in such important task as transportation, the most valuable resources all companies have: their people.  Senda has more than 12 years performing this significant task of transporting Cummins collaborators,” said Ricardo Clausse Torres, general director of Grupo Senda.


During the launching of 54 busses “Dina RUNNER 10,” Miguel Angel Velasco Martinez, general director of Dina, said that the buses have ascent and descent door, 37 reclining seats in fabric with safety belt, 100 percent sliding windows, speed inhibitor with doors open, speeding lights and electronic signs to indicate the route; the Cummins ISB 6.7 liters engine has EPA04 emissions certificate.


“We have a joint and successful career, designing products leaders in the market such as these units today for passengers’ transportation with diesel engine, thanks to the hand, experience and support of Cummins, we have been leaders in the compressed natural gas Mexican market and we are going for more,” he said.


At the event was granted recognition to about 10 buses operators that have standout due to their good service in Cummins personnel transportation.


Meanwhile, directives from Grupo Senda, Dina and Cummins launched the new 54 buses “Dina RUNNER 10.”


The trilateral agreement among Cummins, Dina and Grupo Senda, will allow to continue favoring workers and businesses, being an important part of world trade globalization.



It reported an increase in annualized income as to August 2018 of 15.1 percent.  The amount of units increased in annualized terms 11 percent to August this year.

There are growths and busses fleet renewal programmed in approximately 5.5 percent by the end of 2018.  Currently there is a vehicular fleet for personnel transportation service of 2,095 units.